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January Stride: Threshold Training


The beginning of the New Year it is a time to refresh, renew, reignite, and reestablish. Stride will be echoing that same theme this month as we start to reinstate our baseline training. What we mean by this is we are going to spend a little more time training at our lactate threshold, which is something that we don’t spend time on during all-out efforts in Tread & Shred or our long slow distance runs that some of us occasionally sneak in. 

The Feeling

Think of this threshold baseline as a pace in between an all-out mile and that longer, slower, very sustainable and conversational pace. For some people the pace will feel like a 5k and 10k race. We’ll be tuning into threshold paces that keep us focused and dialed in to our work because it will not feel easy. Yes, the first few minutes might feel manageable and comfortable, but the more we push the boundaries surrounding the threshold paces the better we will understand its purpose. It will not feel like a 2 minute all out effort when you want to hop off the tread as quickly as possibly. But it will also not grant you the instant relief that you feel when you transition into active recovery.

The Why

If you’ve run a race or been to Fly Feet I’m guessing you know what it feels like to have your legs on fire or feeling extremely dead-legged. Whether is it an all-out effort or the middle of a long distance race this is the build up of lactic acid when our demand for oxygen is higher than our body’s ability to provide it. By focusing on our threshold zone we will build our capacity to stave off that burning sensation allowing us to manage our speeds for longer time domains!

The How

The threshold zone will not be the only pace we touch on during Stride this month, but we will spend a lot of time diagnosing what it feels like and what your individual speed range might look like. Still expect a mix of training time domains, paces, and intensities all wrapped into one session. Our goal for this month is that you learn about what your threshold range is and feel more confident in your abilities to sustain faster paces for longer!