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It's a process

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You can’t just do one Fly Feet work out and “get it”.  It’s a process - both a mental and physical one.  This isn’t your typical group fitness class for a few reasons:


1. It’s YOUR high intensity.
That means, you decide how fast, how many, how much.  But, if you’ve never worked out at this level of intensity, it’s hard to know how fast, how many, and how much.  So, the first couple of times, you’ll likely miss it on both ends – either you go too hard, or more likely, not hard enough.  Our coaches help guide you through the process so you get to where you should be to see the real benefits of this training.


2. It’s kind of a mental test.
Your body does what your mind tells it.  But again, if you haven’t worked at this level of intensity, sometimes you start to question things… like, am I going too fast?  Is this too much?  Am I going to make it?  These workouts require your mind and your body to be connected.  You can’t come in and zone out and get the stimulus.  It won’t work.  To make sure you are all in, we created a workout, an environment and a coaching methodology that is engaging and worth it. 


3. It takes time to bring #1 and #2 together.
We believe it takes about three workouts to understand where you are.  {That’s why we do our 3/$30 intro offer. Once you’re there, the progress will happen.  The results will be profound.  The stimulus works.  You just have to allow yourself the time to get it.  Once you’re there, it unlocks a whole new world of chasing your best! 


4. Failure is success.
This is such a hard concept to wrap our highly driven, type-A minds around.  The Fly Feet program is set up to push you to your edge.  That place where you’re not sure what the next few seconds are going to be like, but you’re willing to go for it.  To push yourself a little bit further than you ever have.  Sometimes you hit it and sometimes you fail. Failure means you found your edge.  But you do it because that’s where change lives.  And next time that edge will be a little further away.  (progress!)  We’re all here to chase our own fitness and health.  Two things that don’t have a finish line.   


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