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In the Pursuit of Our Goals


Summer Challenge ended almost three weeks ago now, but that doesn’t mean your healthy lifestyles and habits need to stop there. It is important to keep the attitude and momentum that comes with the challenge in your everyday life. With summer winding down, it can be hard to stay on track. As fall approaches, take this as an opportunity to review your fitness and lifestyle choices. Here’s some guidance from our awesome coaches for how you can revitalize your earlier summer goals and hold yourself accountable as we enter a new season. 

Coach Louise:

When I find myself drifting from my goals I try to break them down into small chunks and choose one small thing to try to find success and momentum. For instance, this past challenge I wanted to add physical therapy exercises for smaller stabilizing muscles back into my routine - I set a goal of 10 minutes per day, but found it really hard to make that commitment - crazy, I know! Instead of mailing it in, I told myself that even if it was just 5 minutes, and only 1 or 2 times a week, that would be a step in the right direction - progress over perfection! That also made it a lot easier to fit into my existing routine mentally - another 5 minutes after class feels way more doable than 10, and it has proven to be more realistic, as it's something I'm doing every-other class or so. It's all about creating small habits and building on them!

Coach Lauren:

When I am getting back on track, I like to take it one day at a time, realizing that I don’t have to wait for the next Monday to get back on track/start over. I specifically focus on getting adequate sleep, drinking enough H2O, getting some movement in (not killing myself in the gym though!) and eating Whole Foods, mostly fruits, veggies, and healthy grains!  The biggest thing for me is to not beat myself up over a bad day or week, and realizing I can pick up and do better the next day and continue to move forward without dwelling on the past. 

Coach Klara:

1. Since I have a major sweet tooth, I try to go one day without treats/baked goods. Even after one day I crave sugar less, and mentally, it’s much easier to give treats up for one day than to think about a week or month. Usually 1 day can turn into 2, 3 or 4 days which helps me get back on track. 

2. Meal prep! Make at least half of your plate veggies and include something fatty to keep you full. After I’ve prepped food for the week, I make myself eat all of those meals before going out to eat. 

3. Meet yourself where you’re at. If you took some time off, then take care of yourself by dialing back the speed/intensity as needed. You can’t take any shortcuts, and you won’t get ahead by doing too much too soon. 

Coach Colin:

I get back on track with my goals by taking an honest inventory of where I am at the moment. Any time we get through a cycle of training, a season (both calendar or races), it's easy to lose track of what we are trying to do when we are done with the big capstone achievement that we set our sights on in the first place. Once I realize where I am, I ask myself where I want to go. That almost always comes with revising my goals and changing my perspective to be more healthy for me in the shoes I'm in today. It's easy to look back and think about what we didn't accomplish, but life is vivid and the world doesn't slow down just because we decided we wanted to eat a certain way or make a big seismic change in our lifestyle. Change happens one day at a time, and we will never stop setting goals. So as we get back to what we are striving for, don't be afraid to modify. Yester-you might have had great intentions and set the bar high, and you might have even lived up to it. But if you didn't, rejoice in the progress you did make. Comparison is the thief of joy, and if we never stop comparing ourselves to who we used to be or who we want to be, it can be exhausting. 

Coach Annette:

Whenever I get off track I try to think about why it happened. Summer months for me are typically very busy and I have realized that I will typically opt out of dedicating time for myself. I think it’s super important to make sure you are giving yourself a couple hours a week for ME time. ME time could consist of exercise, meditation, gardening etc, just make sure you are doing something that makes you feel better afterward. This time doesn't need to be everyday and should not feel like a chore. At the beginning of every week, I like to look at my work schedule, social calendar etc, and will schedule those ME times in my calendar so I have no excuse to not make it happen. 

Creating small habits and building on them is something FlyFeet is built around. It’s more than just showing up to class, it’s making choices that help adapt to a new and improved lifestyle. Continuing to move forward and meeting yourself where you’re at; remembering that change happens one day at a time. Coming into this new season it’s important to incorporate me time while keeping yourself accountable and not forgetting the goals you had. 

Keep it up! Remember these wise words and go get after Back to School Bingo!

Back to School Bingo → August 16 - September 2, 2019