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I am thankful

Today is my opportunity to thank you for all that you do to make Fly Feet so incredibly special. I am thankful for everyone that makes up the amazing community that we affectionately call the TreadMighty. Our coaches, our front of house team, and of course our flyers.

All of your journeys, your goals, where you are, where you’re going are different. But there are several common themes that consistently emerge from this powerful and inspirational group:

  1. You are willing to work hard - whatever that means for Y-0-U.

  2. You support each other without judgement to find something better.

  3. You inspire others around you to take a chance on themselves.

  4. You are kind and grateful.

You have many, many choices in this amazing city to workout and you’ve chosen us. For that I am honored and grateful. Keep crushing it, keep supporting each other, and keep sharing your amazing stories with us.

Thanks for being awesome.

All Hail the TreadMighty,