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5 Ways I Am Changing my HYDRATION Pattern


{*Madz is Fly Feet employee #1 - the intern - and currently is finishing her senior year at the University of Minnesota where she runs track and cross country and is studying international business at the Carlson School.  Yep, she's a badass.}  

I’m what you might call a hydration procrastinator. I use non-race weeks as an excuse to slack on my hydration, and then ramp up my hydration a couple days out from a race. NOT OKAY.


I have a bad hydration habit, but I know how important it is for performance, recovery, and overall health. We’ve already had a blog post on hydration – so I am well aware of all the amazing benefits of water and what I am supposed to do! Yet I still find myself getting into slumps where I really slack on my hydration game.


For the summer challenge, my goal is to get a hydration point EVERY SINGLE DAY. Here’s 5 ways I am going to do it:


Water before coffee.

Usually, I just want coffee first thing in the morning. But that habit sometimes has me sipping on coffee – and nothing else – until almost lunchtime…yikes! I am committing to a glass of water first thing when I wake up.


Function > fancy.

I have a million water bottles, but there are certain bottles that I naturally drink more water out of because the lids make it EASY to drink. There aren’t multiple layers of security – a flip, twist, button, pad lock… J – all to conquer to get a sip of water.


Track, track, track!

I love to nerd out over running-related metrics and streaks, so tracking my intake and having a solid number to hit – 60 oz – will help me stay motivated. Also, I know if I can meet my hydration goals a few days in a row, there’s no way I am going to let myself break that streak!


No ice, please.

I drink room temperature water when possible, and when I go out to eat, I ask for no ice. For me, I know I drink water faster when it’s room temp.


Pop the bubbly!

Bubbly water, that is! Drinking plain water all day is a CHORE for me. But if I have something tasty to sip on, like sparkling water or lemon water, I guzzle it down! I have my fridge stocked with all my summer favs to #changemypattern during the challenge: La Croix, coconut water, lemon wedges, and Perrier.


There are so many tips & tricks for meeting hydration goals. These are my 5 to #changemypattern.


Who is ready to start drinking?!


All Hail the TreadMighty,