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How to Enjoy the Holiday and Stay on Track


As we look towards the holiday season, for many of us, we think of delicious food and indulgences in things like pies, cookies, and all the stuffing!  Food is often the center of planning and entertainment when it comes to the holiday season, and it should be. We believe food is a gift and something that should bring us joy. We want to show you how you can enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, while not feel like you’re starting back at square one with your health and fitness goals, come the New Year.


It starts with our mentality.   Keep the holidays in perspective.  If you take a look at a calendar, the holidays themselves are a handful of days spread out across several weeks. In the grand scheme of things, this is pretty minimal.  Even if you completely indulge for each of the holiday celebrations you partake in, you won’t do that much damage.  What really gets you in trouble is going all out on Thanksgiving, feeling terrible the next day, then eating more leftover pumpkin pie, then feeling badly about that, then starting the next day with more pie for breakfast.  This snowball effect can be completely prevented.  Not every meal in the upcoming months is worthy of indulgence.  We want you to view the holiday meals themselves as special occasions and exceptions.  As much as you can, stick to your normal healthy meals that consist of healthy protein, veggies, smart carbs, and healthy serving of fat.  Then, when the holiday celebrations come up, you enjoy your favorite indulgences, and get right back on track the next day.

Create a Routine

Holidays can often disrupt our routines and healthy habits.  We want you to create a routine around holiday events that come up.  If you plan ahead, meal prep, and eat your healthy meals leading up to the holiday celebrations, this will help you to stay satiated leading up to an event.  Then at the event, you are more likely to make smart indulgences and enjoy the treats you really like, versus eating everything in sight because you are overly hungry.  

Include a Workout

Making time to workout the day after a holiday or event is also important.  This is NOT to compensate for what you ate or drank.  This is to do something that is good for you and signal to your body that you are back to your usual routine.   It would be unrealistic to tell yourself that you will be able to stick to your ideal routine every day of the holiday season.  This doesn’t mean you should give up altogether. You can still do something.


The bottom line here is, don’t let concerns about what to eat and not eat ruin what should be a really enjoyable time of year. Remember all these events and meals are supposed to be fun, carefree time with loved ones. 

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