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How fast should I be running?

“But how fast should I be running?”  We’ll never answer that question with a speed, only a description of how you should feel. 

That can be frustrating for people – especially when it’s their first time at Fly Feet.  But, there are four reasons why we “subjectively load” (fancy way for saying make you guys pick your speed) our flyers for their workout: 

  1. You need to learn your own body and where you are in order to move toward your goals.  Even a range of speeds isn’t going to be accurate, and robbing you of the experience to really see where you are for yourself. 
  2. If you don’t do #1, you’ll never get faster, or better, or fitter.  Relying on someone to tell you your speed is for sure easier, but if you don’t develop the skill to assess for yourself, you won’t ever push yourself to try something a little faster. 
  3. Even using heart rate blunts your ability to truly reach your potential.  It is only a correlate and 80% of people are more than 50% off on max HR.  Here is the study to prove it.  
  4. We see that in our studio people PR, and break through their plateaus, and most profoundly, break through their perceived barriers when they go on feeling and subjective loading.

In summary, embrace the beautiful process of learning your body and where you are.  It’s easy to want the quick solution of how fast should I run, but we look at it more like a learning process that is ever changing.  We chase fitness.  Come fly with us, won’t ya?

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