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Healthy Holiday Traditions


The holiday season is here, and for many of us that means celebrations, family gathers, good food… and sometimes stress.  There are many things that we can do to help stay balanced and positive during this busy time of year.  Here are our top suggestions to help you towards a goal of a healthy and happy holiday!

Follow your usual routines

The holiday season usually involves to-do lists: shopping, cooking, entertaining, traveling, etc.  These lists can easily come in the way of our usual self-care routines.  It is extra important to stick with your habits and rituals during the holiday season.  Including things like exercise, meditation, spending time outside, etc. enhance our well-being and relieve stress.   Focus on continuing to incorporate these things during this busy time of year! 

How to do this:

  • Put it on your calendar: schedule time for self-care practices and routines.  This way it is less likely that you’ll forget or skip it!

  • Do it with your family and friends: Come take a Fly Feet class, go to yoga, take a walk outside.  Doing these activities with your holiday guests or friends make it more fun and give you time to bond and make memories while staying on track with health and fitness goals!

  • Unplug: Take a break from social media during the holidays.  I like to do a social media “detox” for a week at the beginning of every month!  Try it- it’s amazing how freeing it feels and leaves more time for self-care practices!

Integrate healthy activities into your holiday gatherings

Food is often the center of our holiday celebrations.  Sometimes eating is the main activity, which often leads to a lot of sitting to follow.  Playing games, going for a walk, and having a dance party are all easy activities to add to holiday gatherings and celebrations.  These activities also take some of the focus away from food being the only activity of the day. 

How to do this: 

  • Games and dancing: bring a game or two to play that is easy to learn and participate in.  Create a play list to play after you’re done eating.  It may take a little bit of a nudge at first, but it will be worth it!  

  • Make a concrete plan: Tell your family that you plan to go for a walk before/after the meal you eat together.  Ask them when they’d like it to be, and invite them along!  It doesn’t have to be long, 10-20 minutes, but explain to them that the fresh air will feel great and it will break up the day!  

Be Mindful

With all of the hustle and bustle during the holiday season, we often forget to slow down and pause.  Making an effort to appreciate this time with our loved ones allows for it to be more enjoyable and also has positive effects on our well-being.

How to do this:

  • Express gratitude: acknowledge what you’re grateful for.  It can be through meditation, or with your family and friends when you’re all sitting down at the table together..

  • Choose patience: when you’re stuck in traffic or there are big crowds at the mall, take time to breath deeply and pause.  This will help you calm down and stay focused.

  • Practice mindful listening: It can be really difficult to stay present when there is so much stimulus and activity surrounding us.  Take the time to stop and really listen to those you’re speaking with.  It is so important to nurture the most important relationships in your life, not only during the holiday season, but every season!