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Healthy Eating on a Budget

By Coach Lauren

Healthy food can be expensive.  With our Fall Challenge starting in 5 days, and our focus on eating whole, single-ingredient foods throughout the challenge, we wanted to share some tips that can help you eat healthy on a budget! 

Plan your meals ahead of time.

Use one day (we like Sunday’s) to create a plan for your meals for the upcoming week.  Write a grocery list and stick to your list so that you don’t end up with unused ingredients.

Stick to your grocery list. 

Once you’ve created your list, pick a time to go grocery shopping that is after you’ve eaten so you are not shopping hungry.  Shop the perimeter of the store first. This is where you will find foods that are in their most whole form.

Cook large portions and save your leftovers.

Cooking at home is way less expensive than eating out.  When you are able to cook large portions of food and save your leftovers for meals for a few days following you are making the most out of the ingredients you purchase.

Buy generic brands.

Most stores sell generic brands of foods, or their store brand, which is cheaper than name brands, but the same quality.  Just make sure to read the ingredient list so you are not buying a product of lower quality.

Shop for produce that is in season.

Produce that is in season is typically cheaper and more nutritious.  We are all about eating with the seasons and you will find many of the recipes have a focus on foods that are best to buy during the fall.

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables.

You can often buy large bags of frozen fruits and veggies, and they are usually just as nutritious but cheaper.

Pack your lunch.

This goes back to meal prepping and saving your leftovers- it saves you money from eating out and makes the most of the food you have prepared in advance.

You can’t put a price on health, but these tips will help you save some money as you prepare food that is most nourishing for your body!