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It’s our half birthday!!!

This week is our half birthday!  Six months ago, we opened our doors and it’s been an amazing, wild ride.  Far and away the single biggest pride factor for our entire team is the incredible Treadmighty community.  Over the course of the last six months, two factors have emerged that unilaterally unite our pack at Fly Feet and they have nothing to do with fitness levels, paces, pr’s, or six packs:  1) we work hard (really hard), and 2) we support each other as we all chase fitness.  And that just kind of happened.  Organically.  It’s amazing and special and infectious.

Fly Feet was born out of a dream to build something inspirational and approachable for people to chase their fitness goals.  Something that has longevity and is rooted in what we know works.  We wanted to integrate the science of exercise and training like an athlete into everything we do to create tangible results and make sure it’s worth it.  (That’s why we say, it’s not always easy … but it’s worth it!)  We wanted to focus on moving well before we crush our workouts so that the Treadmighty is with us for the long haul and not sidelined with injuries.  We wanted to have a robust dialogue about how we fuel our bodies because there is a lot out there and it can get confusing.  But above all else, we believe in fun and a support system that pushes people to go faster, steeper, and farther than they did yesterday.  And that support system, the Treadmighty, is one heck of a force.  Wow.    

What’s next?  Well, a lot.  :) But most importantly, come celebrate our ½ birthday with us this Thursday at Fly Feet!  Free 30 minute express workouts (3:30, 4:00, 4:30), and then a happy hour to follow at 5:00. 

Fly Feet Running - Half Birthday Party