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Habits and how they make us better


Habits.  We all have them.  Some of them we consider to be “good habits” and some we classify as “bad habits.” Whether good or bad, a habit is a repeated tendency that ultimately forms the person you are, the things you believe, and the personality you portray.  Where you are at in your life is a result of your habits.  For today, we are going to focus on the good and how habits can positively change our behavior and improve the quality of our lives.  

A recent habit that I chose for myself started about two months ago.  The habit I felt compelled to attempt to incorporate into my life was 100 burpees a day for a month.  Many of you may wonder why in the world I would want this many burpees?  And every day or a whole month?  Well, I am possibly one of the few people who don’t hate burpees, and I wanted to find a way to challenge myself physically and mentally.  I also know that burpees are a great dynamic movement to work your entire body, and they can be done anywhere and at anytime!  Challenge accepted.  Two months later I am still doing these burpees.  So how did I make this habit stick? Three simple ways:

The “why” has to resonate.

First off, I figured out my “why” behind choosing this habit.  If you hate burpees and doing 100 burpees a day sounds like torture to you, then this is not a habit you should choose for yourself.  When deciding on your habit, I want you to ask yourself (and be honest with yourself here!), “Why am I choosing X habit and how will it improve the quality of my life?”  This is crucial to forming a habit that you can accomplish.  

Start simple. 

Your habit shouldn’t be something that is overly complicated and elaborate.  In fact, the more simplified, the more likely you will be to succeed at forming a new habit- you don’t need to try to completely change your life in one day.

Commit to a specific amount of time. 

With our upcoming Fall Fit Challenge, we are asking that you spend 14 days working on building and implementing a new habit into your daily life.  Know yourself and be prepared for what happens if you run into obstacles.  Have a plan to hold yourself accountable.  With my end goal of a month of burpees in mind, I knew if I missed a day I was going to have to start my month over at day one.  This pushed me, especially during the first few days of implementing this habit.  As time has passed, it has become second nature to fit my burpees in throughout the day.  Remember to reward yourself along the way!  Stick with your habit for seven days in a row?  Ah-mazing!  Give yourself credit and recognize even the smallest of accomplishments along the way.

I feel a sense of accomplishment each day that I follow through with my burpee habit.   You will experience this same feeling, no matter what habit you choose, at the end of our Fall Fit Challenge.  If you can change your habit, you can change your life, because, after all, our lives are the sum of our habits.

All Hail the TreadMighty,