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Get to know Heidi K.!

Fly Feet Heidi K.

She's our non-stop, high energy, always smiling, superstar.  Eternally optimistic, forever our care-taker, and always always always thinking of ways to elevate our game for the flyers.  We'd be lost without her.  You all love her.  Let's get to know Heidi K.!!!!


Fly Feet is SO lucky to have your energy and smile on a regular basis, and it’s non-stop from AM to PM. Describe your perfect morning and don’t skip any details!  

Getting up really early and going for a trail run with my dog Louie. I love watching the sunrise and being surrounded by nature. Then coffee (lots of coffee)and avocado toast on the deck while I read a book.

You run, you lift, you do it all. What is the most memorable race/sporting event you’ve ever done?

I’m that enthusiastic friend- the ‘come on let’s do it -it will be so fun’ 😬 so I have so many crazy race stories! But most memorable would be completing the TC marathon. My husband and kids lived the training with me. Rain or shine, early morning runs. I remember Parker saying just skip the run today mom and relax. And I replied nope, what I put in is what I get out. They made signs & found me multiple times on the course. My brother and his family surprised me at mile 22. But the best was coming down the hill to the finish line. My husband, kids and dog were at the fence screaming GO MOM and Louie was barking and jumping up. Seeing their faces after I crossed the finish line was priceless! Now they know they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to do. I am seriously crying right now remembering that moment!

You have iconic hair and athleisure style. Who would you claim to be your style icon?

Haha!! My hair has been about every color, including pink, and length over the years and I LOVE to shop! Style icon, hands down, Audrey Hepburn. I am obsessed with her!

Family is the most important thing to you. If your family could be a pack of animals, what would you be? 

A herd of elephants. They form deep family bonds and mom is usually head of the heard. They are also very supportive and have a deep caring for others.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you might be a cleaning addict… so we need to know what is the dirtiest room in your house and how does it make you feel?

Nailed it. Would be the garage. My husbands area. Luckily I only have to see it briefly. It’s a total mess. When he can’t find things then I suggest cleaning/organizing. 

What was the last meal you cooked and who was it for?

Ceviche and chicken tacos. I love cooking! Oh and I made the chocolate banana muffin recipe from the challenge for dessert- so good! 

You moved to MN years ago and have made it home ever since. If you had to move one more place for the rest of your life where would you go?

Montana. I would have a ranch with a Mountain View.

If you had to pick one FFR staff member to watch your children while you went on a 3-week vacation who would you pick?

John Wood! He would have them in tip top shape when I returned and the boys would totally love his ‘junk’ food! 

You’re out on Lake Minnetonka on the perfect summer day and you have to pick one or the other - on the boat or in the water. What do you choose?

Water. I don’t sit. And I love to wakeboard!