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Get to know Coach Megan

Fly Feet Megan

Meet Coach Megan.  So sweet, and always up for a good laugh, but the girl can also turn on the jets.  From chicken tacos to binge watching Netflix, we all want to hang with this b.a. Fly Feet rock star.  Let's get to know her!  


So you just signed up for you first triathlon - half ironman - to be exact, if I could guess, your favorite leg would be the run, but what leg are the least confident in?

Definitely the swim.. I am terrified of open water swimming.  


Running hasn’t just been a hobby for you, we hear you repped the maroon and gold track and cross country team like a boss. What was your favorite race to compete in? 

I loved the mile! It is the perfect race. Long enough to test your endurance, but short enough that by the time the pain starts to set in, you’ve only got one lap to go!


If you could relive one memory from your four years as a collegiate athlete what would it be?

That is a hefty question… I have so many amazing memories from my years of being on the team. One in particular stands out to me though. Winning the egg toss at the Gopher Olympics. It was exhilarating! Jk. I’d have to say finishing the race that earned me a spot on the travel team. I had a bit of a rocky career, and it was a moment of triumph, and I knew I was meant to stick with the sport.


If you had to eat the same meal once a day every day for the rest of your life. What would it be? Why?

Chicken tacos, but like the simple street kind. I love love love mexican food. Paired with a little pico and guac and I am set for life.



When you aren’t helping people get fitter, faster and stronger, what do you do to recharge?

I know this is the opposite of what a fitness professional is supposed to say, but I love binge watching shows on Netflix.


If you were given a million dollars tomorrow, what/where/who would you spend it on?

I would first pay off the rest of my student loans… and then I would buy a yacht and sail around the world.


If you could change anything about the world today, what would you do? *Money, time and location are not a factor.

I would stop global warming. To start I would have solar panels installed everywhere and make everyone drive an electric car or bike to work if they lived close enough.


You are a contestant on Fear Factor, what would you absolutely NOT do not matter the prize?

Sit in an enclosed area with a snake or eat said snake, I am cringing just thinking about it.


If you could be the background dancer for any musician, who would it be?

T-Swift. I am obsessed


What is the most annoying habit that someone can have? What is something that you do that annoys you?

I’m going to go ahead and say when people chew loudly. I literally have to leave the room. I’ve read it’s a common thing. I probably do a lot of things that annoy people. I could imagine talking too much would be one of them.


Name 5 things that you can’t leave your house without.

Sadly my phone



My purse is probably important