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Get to know Coach Jon!

Fly Feet Jon

Meet our boy Jon.  One of the wittiest, and fastest and maybe one of the most competitivest, but for sure one of the sweetest.  Fancy corporate job by day, rocks the Fly Feet after hours.  You may have noticed him crushing 15mph at an incline when he's feelin' fine.  Let's get to know this BA coach!


You stumbled upon Fly Feet Running less than a year ago and now you’re a coach. What made you want to be on the other side of the lights?

Well after the last race of the summer last year I wanted to get into some type of coaching.  I wanted to learn more about programming and the workings of a gym as I was a huge fan of most types of group fitness.  Looked into a couple different options then reached out to people at FF and some how bamboozled them into allowing me to coach. Still not sure how they let me slip through the cracks.


If you could live on set of any movie or TV show what would it be?

I am having a tough time deciding on one so here are a couple...

  • Swiss family Robinson cause who doesn't want to live in a tree house on an amazing island..(minus the pirates please)
  • Guts: Do you have them?  Time trials up the agro crag anyone?
  • MTV Cribs:  Live in a new ridiculous house every week?  Sure why not
  • Amazing Race: who doesn't want to travel all over
  • Does English Soccer Count? I'd like to watch all those games live

Ok I'll be done now


What is the best gift you’ve ever given?

The gift of my coaching ability to Fly Feet?  haha Totally kidding...umm I actually feel like I am a really good gift giver as it is just takes listing to people around you.  I think the best gift I have probably given was really random, in college I was at a flower store...and there was an old lady there and some how I got talking to her and she was saying she couldn't remember the last time she got flowers and how her husband had passed so I bought her some flowers too.  Sticks in my head cause she was just so appreciative, little acts of kindness go along way...ok moving on.


Racing 1 mile or racing to 100 pull ups?

My first thought is both, second thought is who am I competing against, then I'll decide.


If someone put poison in your drink and you knew it would kill you what would you want that last beverage to be?

The antidote to that poison


If you and your dog had to share a toy what would it be?

Haha I guess a ball cause I can create any game out of a ball and always want to make anything a game if possible.  As for Stella, she will chase a ball as long as someone is throwing the ball. 


If you were a crayon what would be your color and name?

Who asks this kind of question...I think I am maybe a greenish blue color crayon named crashing waves haha I don't know.  I like the ocean and riding waves


We hear you’re a little competitive... Tell us about your most devastating loss.

How dare you ask this question!!  Not sure I have lost....But if I did have one it would be senior of college soccer we lost in the conference playoffs which meant we didn't get an automatic bid to the national tournament and I was devastated but we found out later we got an at large bid!  


If your family had to compete in one sport all together what would the sport be?

My parents cheering with orange slices and water on the sidelines while my sister and I play soccer.  Love you mom and dad! (Sorry.)