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GTKY: Coach Joey


Coach Joey has got it goin’ onnnn and we want you to get to know him without a mic on! He is stellar human being all the way from his long luscious locks to his thoughtful and empathetic beating heart. He shares about his love for the great outdoors, really good tasting food, and his pursuit for making the world a better one step at a time. Oh, and it’s his birthday today!!!! Read on to get to know this super fly coach!

You’re a wizard as a coach, but when you aren’t making magic happen what are you doing?

When I’m not in the studio, I’m potentially working my other job at HCMC or hanging out with family/friends. I love to spend time outdoors in the fresh air. Put me at the lake, in the woods, or somewhere in the mountains and I’ll be happy. Running, jumping, climbing. I’m not too picky, but I love that feeling of being out there, away from the busy-ness. That’s a place I find peace. I also enjoy spending time with Coach Amy. Just mainly to learn more about coaching ;) She’s pretty rad.

What is your ultimate dream job?

My dream job would be finding a way to marry together the fields of wellness and medicine. Educating and caring for patients. I’m in the process of putting together exactly how that looks!

Describe your personality in 10 words or less.

Generally laid back, fun loving, and optimistic. With maybe a touch of perfectionism. That’s 13 words, oops. 

Obviously we need to discuss food. You have one hour to make dinner. What is your go-to meal?

Okay, I’m a big fan of good food. If I had an hour, I would put together a big bowl of stuff. I feel like that’s what I usually gravitate to. So I would probably make some chicken, and toss it in with some greens, avocado, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and maybe some dressing. And an over easy egg on top. Hopefully I can make that in an hour.

Okay, now you have a personal chef making you a 3 course meal. What does it entail?

3 course meal. Course 1 would be some really good Brussels sprouts deep fried and tossed with bacon and other food things. Course 2 would be a steak with a small side salad or grilled veggie. And course 3 would be a hot brownie with cold ice cream and hot fudge. Or a really good donut. Or an orange scone. Or all of them.

If you could be famous for one thing what would it be?

If I was famous for something, I would want it to benefit others. So hopefully, I would invent something that makes our earth more sustainable or find a cure for cancer.

If you had to dye your hair any color what would it be and why?

Platinum blond. Not exactly sure why, first thing that popped into my head. I honestly don’t have a huge urge to dye my hair, pretty okay with the color it is. And I def don’t see me being able to rock green or purple locks. So platinum blond it is.

If you could raise a baby animal what would it be and why?

A baby grizzly bear. I think they’re fascinating and probably super fun to hang out with when they’re babies. Like how fun would it be to ask your friends if they wanted to come over and play with your baby bear? Also, wouldn’t necessarily want to own a full grown grizzly bear. Seems like a large undertaking. So hopefully I could train him well enough to reintroduce him to the wild.

Fly Feet goes international. Where would you choose to?

I would choose somewhere warm - Australia would be ideal! I spent some time there after graduating college, and I loved the vibe and the people. I think Fly Feet would fit in great in Oz.