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Get to Know Cate!

Fly Feet Running Retail Maven - Cate L.

Building the best team is one of the best things about Fly Feet.  That's why we're SO pumped to announce that Cate is joining our crew to take our retail assortment to the next level.  She's a style queen and a retail maven ... (and the Fly Feet Games Women's CHAMPION!)  We like to say that we're a boutique fitness studio with an apparel obsession, and now with Cate leading that business it's about to get reeeaaalllll real.  Amazing stuff coming your way soon so stay tuned.  Until then, let's get to know this superstar!

1.  You are a queen of many things - fitness being one of them. If you could design your own Fly Feet class what would it involve?

My Fly Feet class would contain short sprints, burpees, some social time, and a mid-class dance break. It would also end with snacks. 

2.  Your full time job is at Target. If you could buy only one thing from Target for the rest of your life what would it be?

Yes it is! When I am not at Fly Feet, I work in Women's Swimwear at Target! Confession: I visit a Target store at least three times per week. Ok...maybe four.  If I was only allowed to buy one thing during each of these trips, I would buy Simply Balanced Sparkling Water - grapefruit flavor. I could literally drink a whole pack in one day. There are worse addictions, right?!

3.  Mary Poppins has a magic bag that can fit an unlimited amount of things in it. If you had a Mary Poppins bag what would you carry around with you daily?

My handbag is basically a Mary Poppins bag already! Carrying my bag counts as a second work out. I always have hand sanitizer (germaphobe), my phone (with a different case each day), my Hello Kitty fan (I hate to be hot), and a reusable grocery bag (you never know when you may find yourself at the grocery store)! 

4.  Since you're a born and raised MN girl what is your favorite season?

I have heart eyes for Fall. Not only does my birthday happen in Fall, but the weather allows for much better outfits than Summer! Jackets, boots, scarves, furs. Is it Fall yet? 

5.  Your hair is fantastic in every way possible. What is it full of? Secrets, snacks, sunshine?

Thank you! It is full of Fly Feet apparel ideas! I did not really appreciate my crazy hair growing up. I would make my mom slick it back in a tight ponytail every day! Now, I love everything about it! 

6.  You also own a plethora of unique bifocals. How do you choose which pair you wear for the day?

I am super blind, so my glasses are a necessary accessory! It all started in 4th Grade when I got my first pair of glasses- pink frames with pink lenses. I literally saw the world through rose colored glasses. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with making a statement with my glasses and coordinating them to my outfits! If I have to wear them, I might as well make them fun! 

7.  You are a style guru so we've gotta know - if you had to wear one outfit the rest of your life what would it be?

Black Jeans + white top + sneakers. Blank canvas for all the accessories (bracelets, glasses, phone cases, etc). 

8.  Lastly, if you could choose one song and one dance floor what would you dance to?

Obviously "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston. It does not matter when or where I hear this song. I cannot help myself from dancing so hard that my next hurts the next day!