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Get to know John W.!

Fly Feet Coach John Wood

What were the first thoughts that came into your head after your first Fly Feet experience?


"I hate running so not sure why I am here, but I seem to have something in common with these people so I suppose I will come back”…. I asked about a job my second workout.  


You have to pick two heroes in life. One is fictional (can be from a movie/book/whatever) and one is real. Who are they and why?


Lt. Micheal Murphy, Navy SEAL.  The man is a legend, and lived his life the way I can only hope to live mine.  My dream is to serve in the SEAL teams, or Army Special Forces.  Some hurdles stand in my way, but I am determined to jump them.  Murphy gave his life so his teammates and friends could have a chance to survive.  Those who know me well know that I am extremely protective and would do anything for someone in need.  I have witnessed close friends passing, and when I attack the Murph (workout) each year its a very emotional experience for me.  


I could list a dozen real life heroes, but don’t have an answer for a fictional hero.  I'm sure there is one I admire but he/she is escaping me at the moment.  


If it were literally raining cats and dogs what would you do with all the cats? And dogs? Because apparently you’re a cat person.


I’ve been waiting my whole life for this to happen.  Amazing question, easy answer.  I would keep them.  As many as I could get my hands on.  


So you swim, you skate, you run, you lift, you do it all. If you had to get from point A to point B which method of transportation would you choose? Anything goes here - swimming, running, skating, roller blading, surfing.


Has to be skating.  I love the water but I crave speed, and swimming is slow.  I don’t run unless I absolutely have to. 


If you were to write a book what would it be about?


Probably my past.  Without going into detail, I spent a few years in a very dark and cold place.  I am a much better man because of it, but getting out of that place was a real struggle.  A struggle that others are going through right now and If I could help just one of them find a way out I would feel pretty darn good. 


If you had to pick one vegetable that you had to eat every day what would it be?



You’re stranded on an island and you get to have one meal - anything you want - what would it be?


I'd have to say pasta.  Probably your standard issue sketti with meatballs.  I could eat that for days. Come to think of it, I do eat that for days. 


You’re a very busy and active person. How do you recharge?


My training is very restorative for me.  The Flyzata coaches all know that I am determined to cut back on overtraining within the population.  I see overtraining everyday and it kills performance, but movement is critical.  Humans were made to move and as a species we spend far too much time at rest. Backing off of high intensity training for a day or two doesn’t mean sitting on the couch.  For me swimming, light training, jogging/walking, its all restorative.  Also I read a ton and watch Vanderpump Rules.


You get a week off to travel somewhere for vacation. Where do you go and what do you do?


I am never more at peace than when I am in the ocean, doesn’t matter where.  Mountains are a close second though, I lived in Aspen for awhile and definitely miss that air.    


You’re an outstanding coach. At what job would you be terrible?


A nurse.  I'm too blunt.  I also don’t handle excessive complaining very well… I’m working on my patience :)