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Get to know Coach Trish

Fly Feet Running - Coach Trish

Marathon #20, Coffee and Swans... there's just so much to know about what makes Coach Trish tick!

If your life could be sponsored by one brand what would it be and why?

Starbucks!  I’m constantly on the go and use a good cup of coffee to keep me energized.  I not only enjoy the coffee, I also love the baristas – the short interaction with them in the morning or late afternoon is enough to put that extra bounce in my step.  Howard Schultz, the chairman, is an incredible man.  I’m motivated by his story and connect with Starbucks’ mission in that I strive to enjoy all the small moments in life and hope to inspire others.


If you could create your OWN brand what would your mascot look like?

A mascot…hmmm…I’ve never thought about this. In elementary school, my older brother wrote a poem in which he described our family.  He said, “My Sister is graceful like as swan.”    I still remember this, so I think the mascot of my brand would be a swan. Swans are effortless, timeless, elegant, and beautiful.  Although they are gentle, they are also powerful.


Not many people know this, but you have performed at one of the highest levels in figure skating.  What was your favorite piece of choreography?

My favorite spin was a Biellmann.  I will try to get a VHS tape converted to DVD, so I can show you all.  But, in the meantime this is a Biellmann.

Follow up question. What is harder - a figure skating competition or a Fly Feet class?

This is a tough one!  They are each harder than the other in different ways. Fly Feet has shown me what true intensity is and how each day can vary based on where you are at in your fitness journey.  There truly is an endorphin party in the FFR studio – the community is incredible. Figure skating on the other hand is an individual sport that is anchored on consistency and mental tenacity.  You train 4 hours a day, 6 days a week with the goal of a perfect 4 minute program on competition day. 


Marathon #20 is about to go down this fall. Do you have a specific goal in mind and what will be the jam that gets you through this one?

The last time I ran Boston was in 2012, so I would like to qualify and make it back!  Having said that, I’m publically committing myself to this goal!  Jam of the moment: Million Reasons - Lady Gaga (Andrelli remix).


26.2 miles is no joke. What's the biggest thing you've learned from your first to now?

There isn’t one right way to train and it’s important to listen to your body, take recovery days, and ultimately trust your training. Don’t get caught up with all the energy at the starting line that causes people to start faster than they’ve trained – this isn’t a sprint; it’s a MARATHON.  You may feel great for the first few miles, but I can guarantee it will catch up to you.  You’re better off speeding 15 miles in.  Stick to your plan – like a swan would?! In England, the swan is a symbol of loyalty and strength. Ha! (Trying to tie this all together).


What the HECK do you put in your coffee before getting to FFR at 5am and then continue on to your full time job at Target?

At 4:30 AM it’s a cup of strong black coffee and a baggie full of peanut butter balls!  I’m also firm believer in 8 hours of sleep.  Aaron, is this music to your ears?!  After a morning at FFR, I grab a latte from Starbucks <3


You're also a travel queen and always on the go. What's your best travel tip?

1.     TSA Pre-Check! It’s a lifesaver.

2.     Block time on your calendar to pack….otherwise there can be a boatload of unnecessary stress.


In dreamtopia where would your next trip be and who would you go with?

Southern Italy.  Gosh, I can’t say who it would be with, but it would be with someone ready to drink wine, sit at cafes, go on Vespa ride, and experience the culture!


If you had the recipe for a total Aaron-approved energy drink what would you name it?