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Fly Feature: Get To Know Thomas!

Thomas - Fly Feet Running

Flyers, meet Thomas! He is a Fly Feet all-star who walked in our Flyzata doors when we first opened and has been a regular ever since. He is a joy to coach because of his dedication and drive to make progress. He goes all-in whether it’s a grinding Stride session, heavy lifting Strength day, or the tried and true Tread & Shred. His passions range from work and family to thoroughly planned snowy getaways. Read for more!

Thomas you have been a diehard flyer ever since you started, what brought you to FF? And what kind of training did you do before ff?

It was combination of things pilling up. I was in a workout rut, my long run times were stagnant, I was nursing a few nagging injuries and I stepped on the scale for the first time in months.  All of this along with the evidence of a Dexafit scan made it clear that I needed some lifestyle changes. I stumbled across Dexafit about a month before I started FF.  My first scan was a major motivation to attend my first FF class. I was running for fitness for the last couple of years before FF and prior to that I was running 3 to 4 1/2 marathon road and trail runs a year for 3-4 years.  The Surly Trail Run in the Fall at Theodore Wirth Park was one of my favorites.  I was very involved in the Loppet Trail Run club.

what kind of improvements have you made and any races on deck?

Because of FF, I have taken 35 seconds off my 5k mile splits and 50 seconds off of my 10k splits. I almost can’t believe the results. I have no official race planned yet. I am gearing up for multi-leg race in Oregon in July with some friends called the Barrel to Keg.

If you had to do one effort on the tread for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The sweet spot for me on the tread is a 4 minute effort with a couple of minutes break in-between.  I prefer longer distances even though I now know, thanks to FF, that the short sprints are what make me a faster runner.

You’re an avid back country skier, any big trips planned this winter?

My friend and I are attending 3 days of classroom instruction and backcountry training in RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park) with the goal of passing an Avalanche Level 1 certification.

What’s the most random thing you’ve ever done?

I am generally a planful person so this is a little difficult to answer.  As an example, I once planned a 8 day road trip to Vermont and broke up the itinerary into 15 minute increments.  So when it comes to random the best I can think of is that I moved to India for 6 months for work.

India? Whoa, tell us more.

It was inspiring, overwhelming, and humbling all at the same time while I lived in India. I was in Mumbai when it was a population of 19 million. It is such a beautiful place and I still miss the food and the people. I made it a priority to workout and run. it was a little challenging because of the heat and air quality. However, I always make it a priority to run in the places and cities that I visit. It is my way of exploring the areas around me and in the case of India my runs often turned into quite an adventure. I discovered places and people that I would not have if I would have been riding around in a car or rickshaw.

Cats, Dogs, or lizards? What’s your pet choice?

I would say lizards because they are contained and don't need as much attention.

Kettle bell swings or front squats?

Front Squats because I know they are good for me and there is little risk of accidentally hitting someone in class as they walk by.

If we had to do a duo Halloween costume what would it be?

Josh would be Optimus Prime and I would be Bumble Bee.