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Fly Feature: Get To Know Scott!


Scott is a member that walked into class for the first time, gave it everything he had, clapped his hands, and walked out with the biggest smile on his face. As a coach these are the moments that move us and his authentic energy became captivating for us. He has shown up (almost) every day since then with the most dedicated, driven, and inspiring attitude that can’t be missed among staff and flyers. We are so lucky to have him and his big heart in our community!

Read on to learn a little bit more about Scott and why he is so special to all of us at Fly Feet! Plus, have you seen his kicks???

You were a bit apprehensive to try Fly Feet at first, but it didn’t take long and you were soon all in- tell us a little bit about what brought you to FFR!

My Company had a partnership to try a free week and I was already training for a race on my own. I thought I’d come in, learn some new things and use the free week and be done. By the end of the week I was addicted to Fly Feet! After coming for 4 straight days, I walked out and signed up for the monthly membership.  I haven’t looked back! 

We love love here at FFR.  Your wife, Lindsay, is also an avid member, frequently seen in Wayzata.  How did you two meet and what is your proposal story?

Yes, she and I are very competitive about our dedication to Fly, and in July she went every morning just so she could beat me to 20!! A mutual friend introduced us at a party 2 weeks before my freshmen year at Kansas.  We have been each other’s best friend and confidant ever since! When we were living in Arizona and went to the Grand Canyon for the first time together. She had no clue that was the day I was going to ask her to marry me. We started by going to Flintstone land and then walking along the whole rim of the Grand Canyon. As the sun began to set I asked her to be my wife, and she was so excited she didn’t actually say yes, but accepted the ring!  Still not sure she has said yes to this day… ☺

Dad is one role you take very seriously, and you have two adorable children.  Tell us about them and what your perfect day spent with them would be.

Yes, dad is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. My oldest, Manning, has the sweetest heart and is always on the move, always asking a million questions and asking me and Lindsay about our days.  He loves to do our workout moves as well!! My Youngest, Spencer, is rough and tumbley.  He loves to make mischief, but that’s what little brothers do…. My perfect day with them is when we wake up in the morning and I ask them what they want to do, we pack up and go do exactly that. One day it was going to a beach, another day it was going apple picking, they are very grounded and creative individuals. I love watching them grow; it shocks and amazes me every day. 

Rumor has it that you’ve had to go on three shopping trips since you started coming to Fly Feet, what’s the story behind this?

Yes, I am not an avid shopper, except sneakers! But, since coming I have lost and maintained over 40lbs. When I started I was badly out of shape and had just bought some new “bigger” clothes, which was not a great feeling.  That is what was pushing me to train for runs in the first place! The initial loss caused me to lose a large amount of weight quickly, making me to look like I was swimming in my clothes. In the year and a half I have been a member I have participated in 3 challenges and focused on keeping a healthy diet, cheating at times, but focusing on living a real lifestyle.  I meal plan every Sunday,  that along with 3-5 fly classes a week has been my prescription for success! After all this I just finished my third shopping trip and bought some items I never thought I’d have the confidence to wear. 

We know you are a shoe lover, if you could design your perfect shoe, what would it look like?

I do love my sneakers and have quite a few, 40 to be exact. The perfect pair is the hardest question…. I love all my Jordan’s! I’d love a pair of Jordan’s I could run in!

In addition to collecting shoes, thrifting is another hobby of yours.  How does one become a “thrifter” and what is the motivation behind this hobby?

Thrifting is a fun hobby; I started by cleaning out my closet and listing on eBay and other sites.  I noticed when almost everything sold, I had caught the bug.  I started going to thrift stores and selling more. I love the thrill of the find!  I use my profits to fund my sneaker addiction!

You like it hot, hot, hot and moved here from Arizona.  What do you miss most about living there?

I loved Arizona and the thing I miss most is that in December I could go swimming, and in the 9 years I was there I never owned a coat!

You come in and crush noon class on the reg at our downtown location.  What would your ideal workout be, and more importantly, what rock song would be a non-negotiable on the playlist for said workout?

Designing the perfect workout would definitely not include DYNAMIC MODE!! Honestly though, the workouts are always different and never repeated.  That keeps it fresh and fun, I love coming in as much as I can! I actually love all music, but my favorite playlist would have to have some 80’s rock and 90’s hip hop, everything from GNR to Vanilla Ice! 

What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone who has never been to FFR and nervous to come try their first Tread and Shred class?

The best thing to keep in mind is that coming in is the hardest part of FFR. Once you’re in the studio it doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, athletic or a desk jockey, young or old, everyone can do these workouts!! All you need is the drive and know that the first class is the worst.  After that you’ll have proven to yourself that this is achievable and you will want to keep coming back!