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Get to know Kristin Shane!

Kristin Shane - Fly Feet Running

We're going behind the scenes with our fearless leader, Kristin Shane!



Gotta know, have you ever shopped at Walmart?

Yes.  We lived in Toronto for two years and there were no Targets there, so I had to.  Other than that, I think the only other time I’ve shopped there was to comp shop and see what they were doing from a competition perspective.  Although I did get kicked out of a WMT once when I was doing that.  Apparently they don’t like a team of 20 people dressed in red and khaki “just browsing”.  


On a typical day in the life of Kristin Shane, what hour of the day do you feel at your prime and why?

I’m a total morning person all the way.  In my past corporate life, I got up every morning at 4:00 a.m.  I feel like I can get more done in one hour in the morning than I can all afternoon.  Plus, I love coffee time.  Now, after learning how much sleep debt impacts our health, I’ve successfully moved that time back a little in an effort to get my 8.5 hours, although about about 50|50 on that.


What is the main thing you miss about dat corporate lifestyle?

Free parking downtown?  Ok, the truth is that I miss having an assistant.  Don’t I sound like such an ass?  But seriously, to have the administration of your life entirely handled is pretty rad.  Also, the beauty samples.  I left Target 16 months ago and I haven’t had to buy any beauty products yet …  except my SW Basics skincare regimen!  The stash is deep.  


If Fly Feet were a flavor, what flavor would it be and why?

Rainbow sorbet.  In each bite, you never know exactly whacha gonna get, but you know it’s gonna be so good.  Also, unicorns like rainbows and we like unicorns.  


Where is your favorite place to take your kids??

Leland, Michigan.  Ben’s family has a cottage there.  It’s beautiful, serene, unplugged and so special.  We play at the beach, swim, eat ice cream, play catch, ride bikes and run … lots of running.  I try and put down my phone, but I’m ashamed to say that is hard for me.  Is there a disorder for that?  I definitely need help.


What would you be doing if you weren’t at Fly Feet?

I literally don’t know.  I can’t think of an answer… which I guess says that I’m doing the right thing!  


How much money would it cost the Fly Feet community to get you to do a double back handspring?

As much as neck surgery costs because I’m sure I’d break my neck at this point.


What is the number one thing that got you hooked on Ben Shane?

There is not just one thing.  Have you met that guy?  He’s so awesome.  He’s funny, doesn’t take himself too seriously, sooooooo cute, smart, analytical, quirky, balances me in almost every way.  He is basically perfect.  And also, he is a great dancer.  


Little does our Fly Feet community know, but you are a pastry maker extraordinaire. Like… you even have a certificate… it’s amazing. What inspired you to do this?

When we were living in Toronto, there was this French Baking School not far from where we lived.  My job at the time was very stressful to put it mildly, so I needed something to dive into and take me away a bit.  The art of pastry is so wonderfully creative.  I always left class so inspired!


What is your biggest life takeaway since opening Fly Feet Running?

There are three things.  I have known them all along, but starting Fly Feet has made them all so much clearer.  1)  Who you marry, or your life partner, has a huge impact on your ability to truly chase your dreams.  2)  With the right team, the sky is the limit.  3)  I get my energy from doing things that help people chase the best version of themselves.  I feel so lucky to have an amazing hub, the BEST team and a community that is second to none.