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Get to know Jason

Jason from Fly Feet Running

Jason keeps Fly Feet amped, equipped and ready for action. We're going behind the scenes to see what makes him tick!

As somebody who also is a great cook, what is your favorite meal that you make?

Chicken Parmesan, for sure. It's a very simple meal to cook but it is my favorite because it reminds me of being a little kid.  It is a dish that we would cook a lot in my family growing up.  The recipe was passed to me via my little Italian Grandmother, who still lives in New York and arrives early to meals in the nursing home to chat with the cook. We would make it together when she would come visit and both my Mom and Dad make it as well. We almost always play Louis Prima music while cooking it. 


If Hollywood made a movie about Jason Dehler, what actor would play you and what would the movie be called?

My Hollywood man crush is Jason Stathum.  He is a Fit, Attractive, BaldMan with a great first name.  Life goals. The movie would be called Meatball & Cars.  It would be super weird.


What types of music/artists would we find on your most recent playlist that you made?

Nikki Lane is a female outlaw country artist who just released and album called Highway Queen and I love it.  I am drawn to music with blue collar roots and a soul that you can feel.  It could be Latin, Blues, Rock, Rap, Soul, Funk, Disco, R&B, Folk all good with me.  My dad is the one who influenced most of my music taste.    


What drew you to Fly Feet?

The entire Fly Feet crew believes in what we are building and who would not be drawn to that. You know when actors say, “This was a role I was born to play,” that is how I feel about Fly Feet. My wife once asked me, “If you could spend your day doing one thing what would it be?” My response was and still is, “I would go workout.” Personally, I am super passionate about Health & Fitness.  Professionally, I have always wanted to learn what it takes to build a business. What drew me to Fly Feet was the opportunity to follow my passion and learn from amazing people who are smarter than I am.  I started las July and this has already been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


What has been the best part of your Fly Feet experience to date?

My favorite part are all of the little day to day things. We are a small crew and we work very hard to deliver a great experience for our #TreadMighty family.  I try to make it a point to enjoy a mediative moment each day.   Yesterday, I spent about 3 mins (which is a super long time) starring at LoDoc (Coach Laura) as she was working on her laptop.  Before it got weird and she noticed me,  I was thinking about how six months ago I didn’t know Laura, Fly Feet wasn’t open and now she feels like family and is passionately working on this thing that we created to help people be healthier. Amazing!


What did you love most about living in California? What did you miss the most about Minnesota

The Bay Area has SO much energy around innovation and entrepreneurship.  Couple that with 72 degrees, what is not to love??? Minnesota is my home. I feel a sense of community that exists only in MN for me (aka my mom).


You are the nicest person in the entire world, that said, what is the meanest thing you did to your little brother growing up?

The nicest person in the world is a lie but I’ll take it.  The meanest thing I can recall is I intentionally slammed a cozy coup door in his face when we were fighting as kids.  He had a serious shiner for a couple weeks. Sorry Spike.  Maybe I am too nice if I still feel bad about that.


You played high school and college football…but since that is not an Olympic sport, what would be your Olympic sport?

Soccer.  You have to be under 21 years old to play in the Olympics but I found soccer at 22 and missed my window. Totally kidding, my athletic ability is nothing to write home about. But,  I absolutely love soccer now.  I used to bring ball with me everywhere and practice my touch everyday.  I still have a soccer ball in the office at Fly Feet.  My touch could use a little brushing up. 


How does it feel to be an internet sensation with all of the great Instagram stories that you star in?

I think it means that we need to hire a few more dudes ;-) and that I spend a lot of time with Kristin. 


Fly Feet is so lucky to have you as part of the team and community…any final words for Fly Feet Nation?

Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you! Please continue to hold us accountable to making Fly Feet the best experience it can be! I love Fly Feet Nation and want nothing more than to see it continue grow!