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Get to know Coach Rachel

Fly Feet Running


People might not know this, but behind the scenes you have an excellent dance and singing routine with the mop. What is your go to performance song?

"Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith, featuring John Legend. My sister got the musical gift in the family, and no matter how hard I try I can't harmonize to save my life! I find this duet beautiful and there is something about blasting it in the empty studio that makes it nearly impossible not to scream/sing and dance along. But, my best moves come out when I'm by myself, just ask the mop. 


You are also the greatest gift giver. What is your favorite gift you've ever given?

If I had to choose, I would pick my Husband's birthday gift this year. You see, gift's aren't his thing- he is all about quality time and he is very... let's call it "financially conscious". I took this as a challenge. So, we happened to be traveling his birthday week to Charleston for a wedding, I gave him "An Adventure through Time and Beer". I made up a BINGO board for us to fill out during the day with things to see, and I made up a board game of challenges for us to play using clip art and dice from another game. Then, I researched the best places to get craft beer (he loves craft beer) and eat in Charleston and made a map of the top 3 places to visit.  The last part was because he loves history, I found some historic landmarks and museums for us to visit together as we walked around the city. Finally, he is a post processor and really likes context, so I gave him a piece of the plan with a letter each day of the week leading up to his birthday so he could be fully ready and excited to go! It was so much fun for me to plan, AND he felt really loved. Win, win!


If you and your hubby were trapped in a rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean what country would you row towards?

Assuming we were packed and prepared for such a journey.....Italy! We have talked about going to Rome every since we started dating. I love the Italian culture and he loves geeking out over their rich history. 


Let's continue this scenario… who would be the first to complain?

I would be the first to complain, for sure! Eric would offer to row while I rested ten times over and would find an optimistic outlook on the whole situation way before he ever started to complain. His patience and steadfastness in pretty much every situation amazes me. I don't deserve to have a husband with such a servant heart. 


What's your favorite pop tart flavor? THIS IS A JOKE, OR IS IT?

Ok, ok the secret is out... The pop tarts were in my bag! Eric and I work to eat well, but sometimes I break and just need a treat. For some reason pastries are my kryptonite! And in a pinch, horribly processed and packaged ones. I don't recommend it, but I won't lie and tell you it didn't taste good. I don't do it often, but you should I know I am not perfect and neither is my diet.  I am a work in progress!  So, all of that to say, if they are toasted I pick Cinnamon Sugar, if not, for sure Smores.


Since you grew up in New Jersey, which Jersey Shore character do you most resonate with?

When it came out, although I got asked about it a lot, I refused to watch that show on principle. Also, I grew up really close to Princeton University where they make pillows that say "It is hard to be humble when you are from Princeton"..... So, we had more of a population made up of superfluously rich, awkward geniuses and highly intellectual South Asian/Middleastern Immigrants in my town than we did spoiled "Guidos". It actually was a fascinating place to grow up.


Is there a certain quote, story, or phrase that you live by?

I have "In Christ" tattooed in Greek on my right wrist. (The New Testament of the Bible was originally written in Greek and the phrase "In Christ" is used over 200 times- I couldn't pick just one favorite verse!) I contemplated this tattoo for over 3 years and consider it like really intense journaling. The word "in" that is used also means "belonging to" or "unto". Belonging to and living for Christ is who I am. Knowing the love of God in Christ changes everything. He is my joy, my purpose and my hope I live from. 


You are our resident wedding guru and you've been a part of a lot of them. What is your favorite part of the whole wedding experience?

Its hard to pick a favorite- I love all the planning and the little details of the day but I love the ceremony the most at pretty much every wedding I have attended! Even at my own wedding, the ceremony was my favorite part. I was standing before everyone with my dearest friends by my side at the same time feeling like it was just Eric and our Pastor and me making the biggest commitment I will ever make. This was the culmination of all the planning and anticipation was taking place and I could FINALLY call him my beloved husband and kiss him! It was so special and I will always cherish it. 


You have 15 minutes to get in a workout - what do you do?

This is the first thing that came to mind: Loaded front lunges for distance in 15 mins (Number of laps in the studio or around a track/park outside). Every time I have to break, 5 spider burpees. Short, spicy and metabolically efficient....And I actually kinda like burpees!


You are the anatomy specialist. What particular muscle group is your favorite to nerd out about?

I really like geeking out over how all the muscles work together and knowing their origin and insertion points- just for kicks. The magic of the body in metabolism fascinates me and I feel like I can never learn enough about it! I could nerd out about that all day. 

If I had to pick a favorite muscle, its the Sartorious (a muscle on the front of your thigh) because my maiden name is "Sartor" and in college I strained that muscle while rowing so I had some teammates who called me "Sartorious"!