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Get To Know Coach Colin!

Fly Feet, meet Coach Colin! If you have had the pleasure of taking a class from Colin then you know his motivation is endless, is authenticity is so pure, and his energy takes everything to another level. He is a multi-dimensional coach with a background and personality that you must get to know. We are so honored to have him as one of our newest coaches and can’t wait for you to learn more about what makes Colin so special and such an important member of our team.

At the ripe age of 25, you have performed as a professional opera singer and played on the national Ultimate Frisbee stage. Tell us how life has led you to these places.

It all began in Iowa City, Iowa. My mom made me join choir in 7th or 8th grade and we agreed that I could quit if I hated it. Safe to say I didn’t hate it because I went on to become a music major in college. I went to Luther College in Decorah because it is the midwest’s best kept secret and while settling in as a freshman I was looking for an energy outlet. I knew I was going to spend a ton of time in a practice room and walls make me sad. Luther has  an enthusiastic ultimate community and they seemed super goofy so it looked like a good fit. I tried out and was taken on the A team (turns out you can’t teach height!) and I didn’t know it yet but I had just met my new best friends. When I was a sophomore I made the top choir at the college, the Nordic Choir, and that came with some great touring opportunities. In my three years in the group I got to sing in around 30 states and my senior year we spent two weeks touring Italy! In ultimate, I never stopped playing after my freshman year of college, playing for a club team during summers in Iowa City when school was out. Eventually I grew into a good player and caught the eye of the Minneapolis club team, Sub Zero, and the professional team out of Minneapolis, the Minnesota Wind Chill. I played two seasons with the Wind Chill and was a captain of the team during the 2018 season. This was my third year playing with Sub Zero, and we placed 7th at the national tournament in San Diego.  

If you could describe your perfect day - 24 hours - food and beverage included, what would it be? What would you do?

  1. Get up at 8:00 and have oatmeal for breakfast (with WHOLE milk)

  2. Have practice 9-noon (Ultimate Frisbee)

  3. Lunch at Noodles (BBQ pork mac n cheese)

  4. Dog park

  5. Video or board games with friends!

  6. Steak and a baked sweet potato for dinner

  7. Themed party with my crew! (Board game nights also acceptable)

Before joining the FFR team, you were leading another room of eager souls. What you were doing this time last year?

They were definitely not eager very often! I was a high school choir director in Waterloo, Iowa. This time last year I was helping to coordinate the Boys and Girls Club Christmas spectacular, doing auditions for our spring talent show, and was in the thick of preparing Christmas music for our annual winter holiday concert. We always sing the national anthem at a local wrestling meet in November, so we were also coordinating car pools and transportation for that performance. I had just gotten done living in Hopkins for the summer and driving up almost every weekend for practice with Sub Zero, so the months of November and December were a time of social hibernation, mentally resetting, and trying to find time to sit on the couch in the midst of preparing multiple holiday concerts, audition materials, and helping a group of alumni prepare musical selections for a fundraising concert for the music program at East High.

Would you rather:

  • Breakfast or dinner  Breakfast and then Brinner

  • Sunrise or sunset     Sunsets because it’s acceptable for me to drink while watching them

  • Dogs or cats Dogs

  • Apples or oranges Apples

  • Chicken or steak Steak

  • Savory or sweet Savory then Sweet. Balance!

  • Hot or cold Weather: Hot Ice Cream: Cold

We hear and have SEEN that you take great pride in your sock collection. Do you have a favorite pair; a go-to when you need a little day brightener?

My tacosaurus socks are my favorite. That or my hot air balloon socks. Tacosaurus socks are super goofy and a student gave me my pair of hot air balloon socks with a note about how she hopes that the balloons could help lift my spirits if I needed a pick me up. Heckin’ cute, right!?

What is your favorite word? Why?

My favorite word does not come from the English language. Legato is an Italian word that is a musical term. Legato means connection, or connected. Singing with legato is a constant endeavor. You can have a great moment, but the next moment your breath connection might disappear. Legato reminds me that everything is connected. How I treat someone today could impact how I am treated tomorrow. The world is really big and noisy, and it is easy to get caught up in it all. But if I take this moment, this right now, and I connect with those around me, things will feel simpler. Things will head in the right direction.

You have been selected to participate in the Amazing Race. What FFR employee would you choose to be your partner?

It has got to be Ames! Amy is ceaselessly competitive and, I believe, would jump off a bridge for or with me if it meant our team avoided elimination. I feel like Amy’s body of knowledge would compliment mine pretty well. I’m a huge nerd and I haven’t quoted Lord of the Rings with her yet so I’m assuming she has a solid body of pop culture knowledge that could seriously get us out of a bind.

Tell us 5 things you want to do before you turn 30.

      1. Return to the stage operatically

      2. Win a club ultimate national championship

      3. Go to new countries (the more the better!)

      4. Finish writing and actually record an album

      5. Be able to look back and actually cross one of these top 4 off.

You are very close with your mom. What is one quality you appreciate most about her that has impacted who you are?

The one thing my mom has always done is be there. She was there when I was flying high, and she was there when I was in my lowest of lows. She understood that you can’t always do something right away to make something better, but she was always with me reminding me that I’m enough and that she loved me through it all. I didn’t grow up with an abundance of people to fill that role for me so I am eternally grateful to her for always choosing love.

All - time favorite song. Ever

No fair. Can’t do. I will provide you with a list of my faves.

  1. Contextually dependent, these are my favorite songs: I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston, Love on Top by Beyonce, September by EWF, Ignition (Remix) by R Kelly.

  2. Classically, do yourself a favor and listen through the piano music of Sergei Rachmaninoff, the symphony work of Johannes Brahms or Beethoven, and the choral music of Eriks Esenvalds

If you could be a player in any video game, what game and who would you be/what is your role?

I would love to be Link from the Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time for the N64 (Throwback!!). I am the champion of Hyrule, trying to restore order to the land through my might with a sword and magic. My entire quest hinges on destroying the evil warlord Ganondorf. I have a huge crush on the princess  so saving her is a big deal, but I also would love to travel the world and learn deeply about different cultures (like Link does throughout the game)