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Get to know Madeline

Last year when we were still dreaming about what Fly Feet could be, we crossed paths with U of M Division I cross-country runner star and marketing major Madeline (lovingly called Madz). She was employee #1 and our fearless intern that helped us with SO many things early on. So we're going behind the scenes to what makes her tick!


What is your favorite word to say and write in mandarin?
Pigu/屁股, which is pronounced “pee goo.” I thought it was really funny when I learned it in 3rd grade…(and still think it’s funny!). It means butt.

If you had to run across an entire state, which would you choose and why? 
Hmm maybe Florida, because I could start at a beach and finish at a beach.

If your life were a tv series who would play you and who would play your BF?
In an ideal world, Chip & Joanna Gaines. Best couple ever!!!

You've been all over the world. Is there a place you would live other than MN? 
Taipei, Taiwan – my favorite city in the world!

If you could design anything to make it Fly Feet brand what would it be? 
A Fly Feet Running vest. I love running in vests in the winter.

Steeple chase queen - what is the last thought that crosses your mind when you jump over a water barrier? 

If you could teach any class at the U of M what would you teach and why? And what would you make your students call you?
I think a cooking class would be fun! I definitely wouldn’t have my students call me Miss Strandemo though, because my mom is a teacher and her students call her that. Chef Strandemo? Master Chef Strandemo?

It's long run Sunday and you could pick any person to run beside you (or bike if they can't keep up) who would it be? And how far would you go because I know everyone wants to know that :)
Emma Coburn (the real steeplechase queen!), and I usually run 14-15 miles on long run days.

If you had to come up with a pick up line to get someone to come to Fly Feet what would you say?
How’d you like to go on a long, romantic walk on the treadmill?