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Gettin' TreadMighty'd

I ask myself the following question on a fairly regular basis and I phrase it this exact way for a reason; when’s the last time you got TreadMighty’d? 

The TreadMighty workout is a Fly Feet Running badge of honor for several reasons. There is a huge sense of pride for completing a workout that truly challenges all levels and abilities. The workout will be hard whether you can run like lightening or just learned how to do a proper push up - that’s the whole point! But if we really look at the workout written down on a piece of paper, it’s just a test. Think about all the tests you’ve taken in your life for a quick second. How did you prepare for it? Did you get an A+ every single time? Some of you honestly probably did…

Since some of us are no longer in college we have to find ways to test our abilities and see where our fitness is. This is where a TreadMighty workout plays the perfect role. Here are the three things I tell myself before heading into TreadMighty.

  1. Treat it as a test.

We’ve all put the work in to get to the fitness level that we are at today. At some point we have to create ways to test where we are so that we can set goals and continue to chase something.  In my athletic career I had lots of tests that came in the form of races. I didn’t win every race, I didn’t PR every race, but I learned something every single race. Each one gave me a piece of information about the current phase of training I was in. Am I on track with goals? Is my fitness level where I thought it would be? How did I recover after such a hard effort? These are the same questions I ask myself after TreadMighty.

2. It is just a workout.

I have to follow up point number one with this because I get freaking nervous. Always have, always will. Honestly I’d pee at least 10 times before a race. That’s when I have to tell myself that this is actually what I do for fun (kind of twisted, I know). I enjoy the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment that rushes over me after the last round. That’s the feeling that I chase. Whatever my objective goals may be there will always be the subjective victory of completion.

3. Be willing to take a risk.

When I step into these workouts I tell myself that I have to try something I’m not sure I can do because it’s a test. Maybe I don’t risk it all in the first couple rounds, but as I gain confidence I make myself do it, just try it. I have to practice what I preach and bring the speed up or grab the heavier kettlebell. I will never know unless I try.

Keep these tips in mind as we approach the infamous TreadMighty workout. Encourage yourself the whole way through, encourage the person kicking their own ass next to you, and embrace the words of the coaches. I am looking forward to hearing about all of your experiences and the little wins you have along the way!