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Get to know Coach Lauren

Fly Feet Lauren

Our one and only Coach Lauren!  She's one dedicated, inspiring hard charging lady.  She's our go to for all of the new healthy hacks.  She's always searching for and trying new things and you know she'll always have a new tip, trick or recipe.  She's a fountain of info and one of the sweetest ladies on the planet.  You'll wanna squeeze her too.  

Teacher by day, coach by night, all with a big smile on your face. What’s your biggest secret for keeping the energy up?

I maybe would’ve said caffeine a few weeks ago, but I recently stopped drinking coffee.  For me though really it is all about the amazingly wonderful people that I am surrounded and supported by both at school and at FFR!


If you could teach a lesson to your students on absolutely anything your heart desires, what would you teach them? 

Teaching them how to be a good human is most important and also the most rewarding.  I love teaching them about healthy habits whenever I can fit it in.  My students are at such an impressionable age and their questions and curiosity are priceless. 


What age would you like to go back in time to and why?  

I think I would like to go back to my junior year of high school.  One highlight of that year was that my 4x800 meter relay got 5th place at the state track meet.  I just remember that year as such a youthful, fun time in my life.   College was pretty glorious too though!


You are a studly Fly Feet competitor, but if you could choose any sport to flourish in what sport would it be and why?

Tennis!  I played tennis in high school and think it’s a super great lifelong sport.     


If you could have one theme song for this point in your life what would it be?

This is a hard one!  I love music, but if I had to pick one theme song, I’d say Forever Young by Rod Stewart… cheesy, but my dad sang this to me the day I was born and its stuck with me as a song I have listened to and tried to hold onto the message it stands for throughout my life to this day.


You are full of healthy habits, but what is something that you do on a regular basis that was really challenging to make part of your routine?

Great question!  I feel like I have slowly picked up many healthy habits over the past few years, all of which continue to evolve the more I learn and implement them into my daily life.  I’d say the most challenging has been practicing mindfulness and making meditation a habit.


You’re a queen in the kitchen. If you could be on one cooking show what one would it be?

Definitely the Great British Baking Show on PBS!  Everyone on that show is so kind and supportive to one another PLUS they bake the most delicious looking food. 


Your pups are your angels and it’s clear you have a special bond :) if you could plan the perfect day for them what would it entail?

One pup loves to cuddle and one loves to play outside, so I would have to say a day where there is equal play and cuddle time.  I think I am the one that likes walking the most out of us three, so probably a walk at some point too.


What is the first thing you say/think to yourself when you wake up in the morning? 

Is it the weekend yet?  Just kidding… kind of… “Make it a Great Day” comes right after that! 


The end of the school year is approaching! What is the hardest part about ending the school year? But also, what are you most looking forward to this summer?

It is always hard to have my students leave after spending the whole year growing together… but also happy because by summer everyone is ready for a break.  I am most looking forward to spending more time with the pups (obvz), spending more time coaching at FFR (also obvz), traveling, and just trying to enjoy every day because I know how fast summer flies by in MN!