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Get to know Katie!

Fly Feet Katie

If you've seen this girl in a class, then you know she's *ON FIRE*.  She's a natural super fast runner and she also happens to be a supermom of three boys.  She was one of our very first Fly Feet members downtown and we fell so deeply in love with her, we had to have her on our team.  Now we're so honored to have her as one of our coaches in Flyzata!  Let's to know Katie!

In our eyes we know you’re supermom, but all superheroes have a kryptonite. What would you say is yours? 

Without a doubt, my kryptonite is affection from my three boys (ages 2, 4 and 6). When I get hugs and kisses from them or they say sweet things to me, I am at their mercy. I can stay tough through anything else, but when my 2 year old holds my cheeks and says, "You are the nicest ever Mommy", I am ready to give him anything he wants. Please don't tell my boys they have this power over me, it could make life really difficult.

Mom of three boys, and knowing you and Brendan they are probably quite active. What is your favorite activity to do as a family? 

Going up to my family's cabin in Wisconsin during the summer months - we swim, we ski, we play. Not only are we together as a family, we are with my parents and my siblings and their families too. It is really special that my kids get to spend so much time with their five cousins.

Both you and your hubby are Founding Members, the ultimate power couple. How did you two meet? 

We were both working at Target and a mutual friend of ours connected us to talk about something work-related. So we had a "blind" coffee meeting and the mutual friend received an email from Brendan after asking if I was single (which she of course shared with me)... the rest is history! 

If you had to challenge Brendan to a Fly Feet workout what would it be? 

Definitely something with long treadmill efforts. I tend to lose him after the mile mark... :)

If you had a day with absolutely NOTHING on the agenda, what would you do? 

Wake up without an alarm, work out, have a looooong brunch with lots of coffee refills (and a crossword puzzle...nerd alert), go boating all afternoon, grill out with family or friends for dinner and watch the sunset with a glass of wine in hand. Perfection.

You are a natural runner on the tread. If you could pick another place to be while running your intervals where would you be? 

I love running when I travel because it's such a great way to explore. Last fall, Brendan and I were in Cannon Beach, Oregon and we ran on the beach while the sun was just coming up... it was breathtaking. That would be my current pick.

If you could bring anyone, dead or alive, to a Fly Feet workout with you who would it be and why? 

My mom! She's super active, but not a runner. I would love to push her out of her comfort zone a little bit.

If you could break one 21 Day Challenge rule what would you break? 

I could crush a Reeses Peanut Butter cup right now.

If you could choose the next music mash-up who would you select? 

Battle of the Justins: Timberlake vs Bieber

If you had to have some other (unnatural) hair color what would you choose?