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Hot Topic: Gait Analysis

You enter that adrenaline-pumping door and you know you’re in for some serious moving and grooving. Fly Feet Running is built on the fundamental movement of running because it is what our bodies are designed to do.  We have all (some willingly and others not so much) entered a lifelong relationship with running. In order to stay true to our eternal partner in life we must put in a little extra TLC. How do you show your true devotion to your body in motion? Here enters gait analysis. 

Gait analysis is our toolbox for diagnosing any peculiar or potential hazards in your running form. As we’ve mentioned in class – up to 85% of people who run deal with an injury EVERY YEAR. That’s a lot of pain with no gain. Many of our bodies have default running mechanics that we turn to when fatigued and under stress, which tends to happen a lot in class, so we want to spend some time talking about it.


Here is what happens in a FFR gait analysis:

  • One on one time with coaches to ask questions and deep dive into your mechanics – on the tread and on the floor.
  • We film you running head to toe, side to side, full speed, and slow-mo.
  • Diagnose faults that could have a potential negative impact on your body over time.
  • Provide drills, mobility, and strength exercises that will help you focus on the root of any potential problems.


This is an incredible opportunity to get to know your body on a whole new platform.  We won’t dose up overnight fixes, but can help you get on the right track to becoming a faster, stronger, and more efficient athlete. Cheers to the never-ending journey towards fitness!


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