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Friday Fly Feature: Whitney B.

Fly Feet Running Feature

One of the greatest perks of being a coach at Fly Feet is meeting every single one of you that walks into the studio. As coaches we understand that nerves and the intimidation factor can be in the forefront of your mind when grabbing that piece of chalk and side-eyeing (or full-blown studying) the butcher paper. However, we know that the second you let yourself be vulnerable in the studio there is no limit to what can happen. We see that every day, in every sweat sesh, from newbies to veterans.

A person I want to call out is one of our frequent flyers, Whitney B. She came in for the very first time in the beginning of summer to join the Summer Challenge (and to check out those cute hoodies she can’t stay away from). From Day 1 to now 40+ visits later this lady has become fearless in my eyes. Whitney joined as a member knowing that she was feeling mentally drained and physically out of shape coming off a long school year as a middle school speech pathologist. Whitney came in to the Summer Challenge maybeeee not knowing what she was getting herself into and definitely not knowing what her potential was. She has surprised the heck out of herself along the way! Not only is she not afraid to sweat and work for it, but she’s also not afraid to swear and admit that this $hit is hard! She now has goals of touching double digits on the tread (going to personally make sure this one happens) and running the Minneapolis Mustache 10k in 3 months. You go girl. We are so so proud of you!!!

A few tidbits that you NEED to know about Whitney:

  • Her favorite pastimes include reading, coffee shops, and going to the dog park with my husband and 7 year old boxer, Zander.
  • Her dream job is to open a goat rescue. And apparently we all need to check out Goats of Anarchy…. Do it right now.
  • If she had the choice she would wear leggings and a zip up all day long no questions asked.
  • She legit has NO indoor voice so chances are you’ve heard her in class ;)

All Hail the Treadmighty,