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Our Wayzata Studio is just over a month old and we’re still basking in that newborn smell. After months of sketching, planning, designing, choosing, and building we’ve welcomed over 100 new members and lots of fresh faces into our Fly Family. Just like our training sessions, there’s always a WHY, so without further ado, here’s the highlights of our Wayzata Studio.

Fly Feet Running - Wayzata Studio


Choosing Wayzata was easy, many members have been begging us to move West, and we love the lake-life lifestyle. Renaming it Flyzata was just the cherry on top. We’re excited for our members to really embrace the community and take advantage of all that Wayzata has to offer (great retail, delicious dining, and of course, the lake). 

Fly Feet Running - Wayzata Studio


The biggest addition to Studio #2 was the build-out of two training spaces, one with 15 treads and the other with 5. For now, this allows Flyers to do more mobility after class and host smaller private classes. We knew that going out to Wayzata gave us an opportunity to be in front of families and have begun developing some kids + teen-athlete training programs (but shhhhhh, you didn’t hear it from me!).  More to come ...

Fly Feet Running - Wayzata Studio


There is something to be said about having nature around you so we took the moss idea from Studio #1 and BLEW. IT. UP. The reindeer moss has been freeze dried and dyed so we don’t need to water or trim it (ummm hello, huge win). Shout out to e tu Interiors for the collaboration.

Fly Feet Running - Wayzata Studio


Retail has a big focus in our Wayzata studio, with new styles being created each month by our retail queen Cate. With so many cute colors, graphics and cuts, it’s hard, even for me, to not continuously add to my FFR apparel collection. Keep an eye out for new brands that no one in the Twin Cities carries. 

Fly Feet Running - Wayzata Studio


Need a place to charge your phone? Check out inside the lockers, with charging stations.

Forgot deodorant? We gotchu! Fully stocked bathrooms.

Need lunch? Our partnership with Crisp & Green is perfection. Just tell us what you’d like, head into the noon class and when you’re done we’ll have lunch waiting for you.



Fly Feet Running - Wayzata Studio

All Hail the TreadMighty,



We didn’t want people to walk in and think this was just a gym. Bor-ing! Big graphics, Fly Feet values, and shoe-selfie stations make the studio super friendly.