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Fly Feet Summer Challenge


Our next challenge comes at a perfect time - mid-summer, post Fourth of July festivities.   This challenge is going to be a great opportunity to set a few realistic goals, and execute them.  As a lover of Fly Feet from the beginning, I can proudly say that I have participated in every single one of the challenges we’ve held throughout the past 2.5 years. I feel a strong sense of excitement as well as apprehension in the weeks leading up to each challenge.  I get so excited about the opportunity to make specific goals for myself, and anxious about my abilities to realistically reach said goals.

For the upcoming Summer Challenge, we are asking you to set three goals focused on nutrition, movement, and lifestyle.  Goal setting is the first step towards change, and these are three areas that we are going to concentrate on as we challenge you to chase the best version of yourself.  We want the goals you set to be small, attainable goals that will eventually have a big impact on your life over time.

We are going to help you every step of the way, and hold you accountable to the goals you set out to achieve in the Summer Challenge and beyond.  We want you to constantly feel like you are seeking to find a better version of yourself in and outside the studio.  As the summer challenge approaches, start to think about the specific and relevant nutritional, movement, and lifestyle goals you’d like to set.  Then start to wrap your head around ways that you can make those goals measurable and attainable.   

I am going to share my personal goals with you and how I plan to make them measurable and attainable to both hold myself accountable and give you a starting point for your goal setting!

Nutritional goal:

My nutritional goal is to stop chewing gum.  I find myself reaching for gum out of boredom, and know that it doesn’t always agree with my stomach.  I will reach this goal by not buying gum to begin with.  When I have the urge to chew a piece of gum, I will drink water instead.  

Movement goal:

I am very guilty of not giving myself enough rest and recovery.  I have learned to take time to rest and recover in past challenges, but am currently on a streak of working out day after day, not being mindful of days when my body could use rest and recovery.  My goal for this challenge is to plan ahead of time two days a week that will be strictly rest/recovery days.  On these days I will go for a walk or focus on mobility.

Lifestyle goal:

I am extremely guilty of falling asleep to watching TV on my iPad every night.  This is a habit that I know is not optimal for my health, but have yet to attempt to break.  My goal is to read at night, instead of watching TV or spending time on my phone.  I will reach this goal by not bringing my iPad into bed, and instead have a book on hand. *Full disclosure: This goal is going to be VERY hard for me.  My iPad is basically my pacifier when it comes to going to bed.  

Don’t be afraid to bounce your ideas off of others, share with us coaches, ask questions, and be vulnerable!  We all want the best for each other and must remember that we’re in this together.  Knowing that you have the support of the entire Fly Feet community gives a sense of confidence that is priceless!  Hopefully you can walk away from the Summer Challenge feeling accomplished, knowing you now have another nugget of information to help you achieve your future goals!