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Fly Feet Fall Fit Challenge

Fly Feet Fall Fit Challenge

We gave you the overview of our Fall Fit Challenge here.  Now, here is a more detailed peek under the tent of the amazingness that’s in store for you when you decide to chase the best version of you with us.  Sign up for the Fall Fit Challenge kickoff here.  Ok, here are the sweet deets:


Over 21 days, our program will follow a typical in season training schematic.  Typically our pro sports teams operate on what’s called a “high low program” for in season.  The demands are on the game days, and the recovery is following game days.  Recovery in season is more movement based and still has a stimulus, in which the goal is to not only recover but also work on skill.  The days leading up to a game are typically built on a 2 or 3 day cycle.  The building days focus on what needs to done to prepare for the game.  For example, do we need to work on defending because we are playing a high scoring team?  We spend a portion of our training sessions preparing for what the game needs, however, we have to continue to maintain and build fitness throughout the season, so we have to spend some of our time also creating a stimulus that drives fitness, speed, and strength.

During our Fall Fit Challenge we will take you through a cycle that looks similar to in season training.  Two building days that will help you prepare for the third day which will be a game day.  After game day you will have a recovery day that will be active.  We will continue through this cycle for 21 days.

The metabolic stimulus is one that is much different than what we would see in pre-season.  By going through a steady cycle that includes metabolic and strength training at consistent levels of intensity that correlate with high days, prep days, and low days, we can start to see significant changes in performance because we can dial in on certain skills or specific ways to metabolize energy.  We see improvement in the building of these skills and we see improvement in the specific metabolic pathways because we allow ourselves to train acutely for one or two things inside of a 2-3 day window as opposed to bouncing around from skill to stimulus randomly, which is a more broad approach to fitness... effective, but more broad. From a sheer intensity level, the game days hold much greater demand and can oftentimes be seen as opportunities to fail but gain fitness.

The overall the takeaway from this style of training is that we give our athletes a chance to really see significant change in performance because we get to take more time developing certain skills and certain types of energy metabolism.  

Nutrition Overview

The nutrition component of the challenge will focus on eating ONLY whole foods.  Nothing processed, nothing from a package.  Only things from land, from the sea, or from the sky.  The point of taking 21 days and eating whole foods has a huge effect on us from 2 main standpoints: 

  1. We are forced to get involved in food preparation.  This is a good thing because we remove foods that are simple and easily accessible that are typically processed.  Processed foods are not nearly as nutrient dense and can have additives that have adverse effects on our long term health, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.   When we are forced to prepare our own foods we start to get a better idea of what we are actually eating and what goes into our food.  Plus, we force ourselves to prepare and think ahead so that our daily food intake is planned out, thus we don’t allow for rises and falls in blood sugar levels which can often times lead to cravings that are sugar and carb based, which again can lead to weight gain.
  2. This more ancestral approach to food sets us up for a more holistic lifestyle.  One in which we are educated about what we eat and what is in our food.  With this knowledge we begin to understand the difference between chasing health and fitness, and settling for what is considered normal and standard.  As we begin to practice eating whole foods and foods that only come from nature, we can start to change the paradigm of not just obesity, but we begin to change how we feel, look, and live.  We gain insight, not just through biomarkers like blood sugar and cholesterol, but we can see our daily patterns change as we no longer deal with cravings from blood sugar spikes, we see an increase in performance and clarity throughout the day.  

The kickoff is on Wednesday 9/6 at 5:30 p.m. at Fly Feet.  This is a one hour workshop where we'll discuss strategies for making the challenge successful for you, why and how we're training the way we are, lots of knowledge about nutrition, and a chance for lots of Q&A.  It will be informative, educational, and even a little mind blowing.  Don't miss it!  Sign up here

The challenge starts on Saturday, 9/9 for 21 days.  It's free for members, so join us.  You'll be glad you committed 21 days to living your best life.  

Questions?  Hit us up:  lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com