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Fly Feature: Team Windhorst

Bert & Becca

Becca and Bert, Bert and Becca - they’re fiercely competitive but don’t try to pit them against each other.  The inspire each other with motivational thoughts… Becca may have been heard telling Bert that “Winners don’t puke” to get him back on the treadmill after an especially tough round where he found his edge. They may appear serious but don’t confuse that for sarcasm.  They enjoy a good laugh along with a good challenge.  See why we love their energy in the studio:

You’ve been crushing it with the 5:30am crew and when you come you bring your best energy...every time. Where does that motivation come from especially so early in the morning?

We much rather crawl our butts out of bed before the sun comes up rather then try and crawl in after work.  Becca has been a member since the opening of Flyzata, and I (Bert) just did some workouts in the apartment gym.  Becca brought me in on a buddy pass at the end of June and Coach John mentioned the 20 for 20 and we were up for the challenge....even with Becca traveling for a week.  So we KNEW we had to get in every day.  The one thing that everybody is at 5:30 am is TIRED... and we are all there for similar reasons...so why not bring the noise and GSD (Get Sh!t Done). 

It’s Team Becca vs. Team Bert - you each get to pick one partner - who would you pick and why?

This is a trap... We pick eachother!  TEAM WINDHORST

You two love to ride your mopeds around town.  What else would we be surprised to know about your life outside of the Fly Feet studio?

Yes we have our mopeds.  We ride them everywhere any chance we can. You can find us out on Lake Minnetonka ripping around on our boat, or paddling around on our Paddle North boards (yes they are matching), we love the lake and anybody that likes it too! 

We have both done Ironman Madison, Becca has done it twice, she reminds me all the time that I have only done it once (for now...)  We’ve done many other  1/2 Ironman’s, marathons, century rides  and yes we train for them and compete in them together.  

You two are stranded on an island together and can only bring one thing each.  What would it be and why?

Bert : A fishing pole.... gotta eat

Becca: A loving companion

If you could pick one animal to communicate with, what would it be and why?

Becca &  Bert: Dogs...I have so many questions for our two we have at home

Would you rather go 30 days without your phone or your entire life without dessert?

Bert: Phone... no question about it..... but I wouldn’t be able to sign up for classes so put me down for all of them

Becca:  Dessert is my favorite food group and phones are a necessary evil, so happy to leave it behind!

Who are you favorite super heros and why?

Bert: Thor.  I wanna be Thor, thats why I lift the 85s 

Becca: i would enjoy Thor, Bert

What’s one movie you could agree to watch over and over again?

If it had to be ONE it would be 50 First Dates but we can throw in Waynes World. 

On to the sappy stuff - how did you two meet?

Carroll College (Now University) in Waukesha WI.  Becca was the starting pitcher for the softball team and swim team superstar in her senior year and I was a young Freshman football player.  It started with a shirt that said “Will Party For Food” and her response was “I don't cook”. I knew I had no chance with Becca so I lied and said I was older.  I was found out the next day by her roommates (thanks facebook).

If it suddenly became Ground Hog’s Day and you had to do the same workout over and over again (let’s hope that never happens!) what would you pick? 

Buy In/Cash Out Chipper

Life motto - if your life together was a book, what would the name of it be?

 We’re not done yet.