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Fly Feature: SuperMom Melissa


Leading up to Mother’s Day we want to share with you on of many many moms that we strongly admire. Melissa comes to Fly Feet and consistently puts her best self forward. She is motivated, patient, and persistent in her pursuit of living a fulfilling life. We admire her for all of the energy that she brings to this community, and especially love learning how her family has made her the woman she is today. Read on to know this lovely leading lady a little bit better.

How many kiddos do you have and what are their ages?

I have two kids and they are 10 and 7 years old.

What was an unexpected up-side to being a mom?

I didn't know HOW much of a teacher my kids would be for me. They've changed my life in so many ways! They've help me to find the courage, strength, confidence, and awareness to live my life with purpose and passion. To love with all my heart and to start speaking and living my truth. To find a deeper sense of grace and compassion for myself and others. To believe in myself and to lead with my heart. To go outside my comfort zone and to challenge myself. To be present and live in the moment. They're little mirrors that reflect back what my soul needs. They teach me these things every single day and I'm so grateful.

When not crushing it in the studio, what are your favorite things to do?

I love to read, journal, be outside in nature, family time with my kids and my husband, and spending time connecting with my friends.

You’re headed for a week vacation! Where are you going? With and without the kids!

This is a tough one. I would love to go on a relaxing retreat somewhere warm by the ocean or on the flip side somewhere in the mountains. Since we recently went on a week long vacation with the kids, I would like to try traveling solo for a week. Just me, nature, a good book, and my journal.

Would you rather have arms as long as your legs or legs as long as your arms? Why?

I guess I'd have to say arms as long as my legs, because it could potentially be more efficient...I think?!

Your work ethic and authenticity is an inspiration to many in the FF fam, but who is one flyer that inspires you?

My dear, amazing friend Mandy Naughton. She's inspiring on so many levels! She often motivates me to go outside my comfort and to try new things. She's the one that gave me the nudge to give Fly Feet a try. I was super nervous and hesitant, but her gentle nudge and encouragement was just what I needed. It has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a long time...life changing! I just love having her by my side at Fly Feet and in life.

What is your favorite meal of the day? In a perfect cheat meal, what’s on the plate?

My favorite meal of the day would be lunch...especially after a morning workout at Fly Feet. A perfect cheat day meal would be spaghetti.

You’re at a wedding. Are you on the dance floor the whole time, or off to the side? What’s the one song that you can’t help but dance to?

I'm for sure on the dance floor the whole time. I love dancing at weddings! Well it's more like jumping and bouncing all around the dance floor but hey, I’m out there :). I can't think of a specific song right now...pretty much any song will get me to dance at weddings.

What is one major life lesson you learned growing up (either through experience or someone helped you) that you are making sure your children learn?  

How powerful kindness, compassion, and empathy are. And how when you have empathy, show kindness and have compassion for yourself and others it can have an incredible impact on you and all those around you. That kindness can make such a difference in people's lives.

You’re a rockin’ mom who does it all! What’s your secret?  

What seems to be working right now is doing my best to balance and manage my time wisely and making the most of the present moment that I have in front of me. Carving out quality time for the kids and our family to just be and spend time together and making sure I carve out self care time for myself each and every day.  Some days it's really hard to find time for all of this, but I try to live every day with this intention so that hopefully the kids and our family can experience life to the fullest and live with purpose...however that is for each one of us.