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Fly Feature: Priya

We MUST introduce our community to one of our most frequent flyers, Priya, as she is on her way to her 500th class!!! We admire her dedication to her fitness, family, and community, which is why she has been a staple in ours! She pushes herself in the studio just as much as she challenges herself outside the studio, professionally and personally. Get to know lots about why we love Priya.


You are one of the most OG Founding members of Fly Feet and veryyyy close to your 500th class… Congrats! What has been your most memorable workout to date?

OMG that is awesome. I had no clue I had been to that many classes. I did the MURPH workout this year on Memorial Day, which I had never done. It was a very cool experience. In my class was one of the members who is in the service and working out beside her on that day, with that workout was very special.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be and why?

I asked my husband for help with these. He said: Driven, Caring and Fun. 

Driven – When I set my mind towards something, I won’t stop until I succeed. Caring – I was brought up with a strong Christian Faith and instilled at an early age “to whom much is given much is required” . Fun – that is interesting because at home they call me “the warden”. 

If you could pick 3 people (anyone in the world) to join you for a Fly Feet class who would you choose?

Serena Williams. Abby Wambach and Priyanka Chopra. 

You’ve even made Fly Feet a little bit of a family affair! Your son, Kiron, is training with us. How has he liked training here and what’s it like to workout side by side?!

Its been so fun. He is 16 and an amazing athlete.  I like to be able to brag if I beat him at something, which is very rare. He is “not a runner” but likes the workouts because they are a mix of everything, and he sees how the running he does helps he be a better athlete. He has been doing some 1:1 training with John Wood and has been so happy. He is a hockey player and had some goals this summer for this upcoming season and John has helped him surpass them.  

Will you be able to get any other family members in the studio?

My little one, Sohana also came to a class and even though she couldn’t walk for a few days is going to start coming regularly now.

What is your favorite place to go on family vacation?

This is a hard one to choose, we are family of travels and have been blessed to go to some amazing places around the world. I would have to say Japan and India have been our two favorites. We travelled with my parents to India and my husbands’ parents to Japan, and to share their cultures together made them trips of a lifetime. 

What are your goals for 1 month from now? 1 year from now?

That’s an interesting question. 

  • From a fitness standpoint, maybe to start running in events again. I did a couple marathons pre and post kids but just did not have the time to commit to train. But I miss it.

  • Professionally, have our company double in size in the next year.

  • Community, finding ways bring awareness to different communities of the challenges facing the Minneapolis area with respect to huge racial equality gap that exists and the bright spots of people working to close them, and how they can get involved.

  • Personally, as my children get older and I shift to having more time for me, figuring out what that will look like.

This or that?

  • Morning or night? Morning

  • Text message or phone call? Txt

  • Sandals or sneakers? Sandals

  • Breakfast or dinner? Dinner

  • TV shows or movies? Movie

  • Comedy or drama? Drama