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Fly Feature: Micki aka Micmonster


Micki is an expert in all things Fly Feet. She is one of our most frequent flyers with over 400 classes under her belt, she is one of our stellar Ambassadors, AND a race training rockstar prepping for TC Marathon! She has the biggest and best heart around and we want to share it with you! Check out this Fly Feature on the Micmonster!!!

How did you find Fly Feet?

My good friend, Heidi Hartman, got me hooked!

What is your favorite aspect of Fly Feet?

The coaches (past and present). The friendships created from my time here, has been one of the best things for me. Mentally, physically and socially. It’s a home away from home.

What is something from Fly Feet that is helping you prepare the most for the marathon?

STRIDE has built my confidence in myself, on many physical and mental levels. I didn’t have a training plan last year. It was all FFR plus (one) 13 mile long run. I ran 31 minutes faster than TCM17! I think that says a lot about what this place can do for (anyone).

This year, I’m working with Coach Laura, and my confidence continues to grow each week. Recovery is very important and I’ve learned to embrace it MUCH better than previous training years. Most know my rest/sleep routine needs some work still, but I’m getting better! (Naps) included.

What’s your go to workout song you sing when you need a distraction while running?

“Running With The Wolves” by Cloud Cult 

You fly with us here at fly feet a lot, if you could fly anywhere in the world where would it be?

Ireland. 💚💚💚

What is your mantra for this marathon?

Just keep moving.

If you could pick anyone in the world to run the marathon/train for the marathon with you who would it be? 

Gabriele Grunewald — I had a brief encounter with her, from a distance, at our GOTR 5K last year. Missed out on some group run events she attended and she’s someone I really wanted to meet. Maybe in another lifetime. 💙💚

How are you going to reward yourself after you finish the marathon?

Ice cold chocolate milk, banana and PEANUT BUTTER. Sneak a (nap) in, if my body allows it. Later on... Bison burger with sweet potato fries.