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Fly Feature: Lizz Brazen

Lizz Brazen

Coach Amy here ... I remember the first day Lizz walked into class for Tread and Shed. She entered the studio with a color coordinated outfit from head to toe, including a bow around her pony tail that matched the pink streak in her leggings. As I have gotten to know Lizz, my admiration for her ability to spice up any workout outfit only continues to grow, but even more importantly her contagious positive energy and good vibes that she sprinkles around wherever she goes. Our FFR fam is so lucky to have this spunky, eager soul around our space each day. Learn more about THE Lizz Brazen, her experience with Fly 101 and what led her to finally fly through the doors of Fly Feet Running that first day.  Here's Lizz... 

I did Fly 101 because I thought I couldn’t afford a membership. I’m so glad I did because I properly learned all the moves, reignited an interest in nutrition, and made a few friends too! Plus, my membership is discounted because I took the class as a Newbie! Best deal ever.

The friendship and the motivation from Coaches and peers at Fly Feet is what keeps me going. I have seen a lot of positive changes in my physical body composition, I can move faster and I feel stronger. I’ve been able to stick with Fly Feet where other programs and memberships haven’t lasted very long for me. I think the key is definitely the community aspect I read about before I started. It also helps that I have muscles I haven’t really seen / felt since high school!


Some people get turned off after their very first try at Fly Feet or just by the fact that “Running” is in the name. I just encourage people to push themselves and try it a few times before deciding if it’s the right fit. There’s so many classes each week and you don’t have to do that much running if you choose not to attend Stride classes. I will say that the running I have done is really empowering and makes me better at singing (which is my first passion) and it’s really nice to just generally not feel out of breath so easily.

There are all kinds of different levels at Fly Feet and each one of us encourages each other, letting others know how well they’re doing—even if they’re at totally different “levels.” I want everyone to find a fit here because I know what it’s like to have that and what life was like before. Life is better with the Tread Mighty


Tell us 5 things you want everyone to know about THE Lizz Brazen

  1. The easiest way I’ve been able to describe my personality to others is by explaining that my favorite movie, Drop Dead Fred, is basically me in a movie. It’s very high-energy, zaney, rebellious, but also very heartfelt, positive, and hopeful.
  2. My motto is Let it shine, make it happen, and live it up!

  3. I care a lot about socio-political causes, especially the rights of individuals (autonomy) and cultural groups to express themselves and be free. One of my favorite non-profits is Survival International https://www.survivalinternational.org/ because they advocate for uncontacted groups and indigenous peoples throughout the globe.

  4. I have a website http://lizzb.com because I’m a designer and artist.

  5. My absolute favorite holiday ever is Halloween. I usually stay up all night the day before to get my custom done. My hardest costume was “Alien in a UFO from The Future!” because I had to make a UFO (and a shiny leotard) and I’d hardly ever sewn before.


You light up every room you enter, what gives you energy each day?

Well this is very flattering! First I should mention that I don’t always feel like I have this effect! I have learned that it’s ok to get (and accept) help if you can’t seem to feel like your happy self, and that it’s ok to “fake it until you make it,” by getting out and doing things that could make you happy, even if you don’t feel like doing them. – You never know what could brighten your day.

One thing that helped me a lot was getting my dog, Mila! She brightens my day every single morning and evening. She also cuddles “on demand,” so that helps.

I try to make room for things that make me happy. I like getting extra sleep and cozying up to watch or read something in my favorite genre (sci-fi/fantasy). It has helped me to get extra healthy fats for my brain and to workout at Fly Feet to relieve stress and reach new goals. I also love spending time in nature, with animals (especially horses), and doing thrill rides or waterpark time at Valleyfair (season pass, FTW).

The thing that makes me the happiest is to make others happy, I love to give compliments and to make people laugh!


What brought you through the FFR doors the first time?

Well, I was working on the top floor of the building at Hunt Adkins, and I saw the sign and the storefront when I came into work everyday. Then one night I was putzing around on Google Maps for some reason and I saw Fly Feet there. The reviews were amazing and everyone talked about the community aspect, which really drew me in. So I decided to check it out!

I did a little tour one day and I was impressed with the facilities and felt really welcomed. I was just a bit nervous and shy cuz I hadn’t worked out for a long time (a few years?) before that. After about a week or two of dragging my feet, I finally got a 3 for $30 pack and tried the Tread & Shred and Strength classes.

It was a lot of work but also very fun and inspiring! My muscles were very sore but it reminded me of high school volleyball, during “Hell Week.” We all had to slide down the steps, since our legs hurt too much to walk it!


What your favorite workout? What is your least favorite?

I think I like doing Chest Press the most right now but Burpees are my arch enemy!


Who do you admire most? Why?

I would say my friend Margie McGee and my cousin Shawn Hoffman-Bram. They are two women whom I look up to and try to model myself after.


If you could live in one place anywhere in the world for 2 years, but after the 2 years was up could never go back to that place in your lifetime, where would you go?

Space! Does that count?