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Fly Feature: Joe + Jolee


This week we have the flyest couple to introduce you to. We love getting to know every person that walks in our door and this couple has stood out since their first day. It’s the way they push each other, their willingness to give it their all, and the huge improvements they’ve made in such a short period of time! They stumbled upon Fly Feet on their own and have now been members for four months, crushed the Spring Training challenge, and are setting further, faster, stronger goals that they are more than ready to chase down! Read on to get to know this couple that doesn’t quit!

We love love here at Fly Feet.  You two are the cutest couple- tell us how you first met and how you found your second love at Fly Feet Running.

Thank you! We met through a friend’s trip to Wisconsin Dells. We found Fly Feet through ordering Origin meals and picking them up there. Since we live and work in downtown we wanted a place that was convenient for us. The starter class pack was a great way for us to try out Fly Feet without too big of a commitment. It only took a couple classes for us to agree that it was perfect for us!

What did your first class at Fly Feet feel like and what about your first class made you want to keep coming back for more?

The first class was a challenge but something we felt we could keep doing. We kept going back for more because we enjoyed the mix of work and how it pushed us out of our comfort zones. We also both love how helpful and welcoming all the trainers are.

You both crushed our recent Spring Training Challenge.  If you could each pick one tip to share that you learned through the challenge, what would it be?

Jolee: What’s in your food is important and to read the labels more when purchasing food so you know what you’re putting in your body.

Joe: Your body is able to accomplish things before your brain believes you can. If you had told me four months ago that I would be able to do six straight days of Fly Feet classes I never would have thought it was possible.

Looking to the near future, what goals do you have in your journey to health and fitness?

Jolee: I’m looking to get to a healthier weight and improve my arm strength. I want to be able to do strict push-ups and pull-ups again.

Joe: Two simple things are being able to do pull-ups again, and run under a 30-minute 5K. But overall, I really just want to feel like I’m living a healthy and maintainable lifestyle.

If you could travel one place together (anywhere in the world!) where would it be?

Asia! We’ve been saving our miles and points for a big Asia trip hopefully next year. Looking at Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

You have to plan your ideal date day for each other.  Tell us what that day would look like.

Jolee: Joe loves ice cream so I’d take him to Izzy’s and we’d go for a walk around the park with our cones. Then I’d take him to Parlour for his favorite burger and a cocktail. He’s a big sports fan so we’d likely end with a Vikings or Timberwolves game.

Joe: First we would get coffee and a chocolate croissant from Spy House, then go for a walk along the river. Jolee loves trying new restaurants so we would go out for a nice dinner and then end the evening by going to see a fun concert.

Who is the better cook?  What are your favorite dishes to make together?

We mostly cook everything together except Joe is better at making eggs. We love making caprese with fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market and making ribs on Sundays.

If you could share one thing with someone who is new and hesitant to take their first class at Fly Feet, what would you tell them?

Jolee: Tread & Shred is the perfect class with a mix of strength and running. You can scale everything to your ability which makes it less intimidating to start. 

Joe: Go at your own pace. Even if one of the exercises is too difficult in your first class, you’ll be shocked how quickly you improve.