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Fly Feature: Haley F.

Fly Feet Running Haley F.


This week, the Fly Crew wanted to shout out to one of our devoted members, Haley Ferguson. She consistently helps raise the sun with our dawn crew at 5:30 am. (and is always the first one here!) Haley has been a member of the Flyer pack since she waltzed into our doors this summer. From running recreationally in college and recovering from major back surgery she was never inclined to run for anything longer than a mile ever again. It was Fly Feet that helped her push through the fear and instilled in her that she can do more than she ever imagined. Haley found herself being encouraged from the pack to sign up for the recent Monster Dash; fueling her new found rush to race!

By word of mouth from a friend, Haley packed her water bottle and tights and crushed the workout (shout out to Callan)! Haley’s first workout was partner style consisting of A LOT of kettlebells swings, squats, and of course sprinting. When asked more about the details of the workout, Haley will defer to the response many of us give; can’t recall the details other than it was one of the toughest workouts she’s done and the energy in the studio was UNREAL! Everyone was pushing each other to undiscovered limits and giving high fives all around. 

The workout at Fly Feet Running is obviously unique and challenging daily, but it’s the power of the pack that keeps Haley coming back and turned her into a Fly Feet addict. Haley raves about the welcoming and encouraging community Fly Feet provides. Trying a new workout in a studio can be really intimidating for a lot of people, but Fly Feet was the first place she felt welcomed and valued since day 1! No matter what the level of fitness a Flyer is in…everyone’s doing the same workout. The atmosphere is so motivational for Haley and like-minded Flyers that you can really let loose and give it your all and nobody is afraid to get a little ugly in the endorphin party room. Haley boasts of the genuine approach from coaches along with the top notch athletes treading and shredding next to her. Everyone encourages each other in a special way paired with intensity that is unmatched.

Side notes about Haley:

-Haley’s favorite tool to help crush her goals is the 10 second mind-set. Many of the coaches remind the pack, “You can do anything for 10 seconds” and that really helps break the barrier to hold on longer. Haley uses this as her mantra when facing a fan favorite CRY-namic mode (aka dynamic mode).

-Haley loves music that makes her feel like a total BA! Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Mob have got Hales through some gnarly workouts.

-Give Haley the fast and the furious of 30-60 second sprints or a nice long 5 or 6 mile run. No in-between.