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Fly Feature: Get to know Rob!


Flyers, you’ve gotta meet our guy Rob! He is not your typical group fitness guru, in fact Fly Feet is the first place he has ever joined. The former hockey player, all around speedster, and Michigander has found his stride at Fly Feet where he gets after it more days than most. His drive fuels the power of the pack mentality and his dedication to everything he takes on has impressed every coach we’ve got! Read on to learn a little more about him.

How did you first come to Fly Feet? Why did you come back.. over and over again?

A fellow Flyer knew I worked out at my home gym and he convinced me to join him at one of the outdoor workouts at the Commons 2 years ago.  I was very hesitant at first as I had never been to a group fitness class/studio before, but once I went, I immediately felt that the other Flyers and coaches pushed me to another level.  It was after the first class that I immediately saw the power of the pack and what everyone could accomplish by pushing each other out of their comfort zone and I have been coming back basically every day since!

If you could write your ideal FFR workout what would it look like?

I have played hockey my entire life, where I have conditioned my body to be able to go all out in 30 second to 60 second shifts, rest, and repeat.  So my ideal workout would incorporate 30 second sprints, heavy chest press, then finish it off with a core circuit to finish the class. No long distance runs or burpees!

When you aren’t running really really fast or lifting really really heavy where can we find you spending your time?

I love to travel and I try to leave the Twin Cities once a month to check out a new city or country.  When I am actually in town you can find me in the North Loop or out eating brunch or burgers with other Flyers.  A group of us created a “Brunch and Burger Club” where we pick a place to eat brunch or burgers around the Twin Cities and always are adding new restaurants to the list.

You like to hang out in the North Loop, what is your favorite, go-to restaurant in the area? What do you order?

Oh man the North Loop has so many great food options to choose from.  At the top of my list would have to be Bar La Grassa or Spoon and Stable.  But if I had to choose only one restaurant, I would choose Parlour Bar and I would order the the best burger in the Twin Cities the Parlour Burger and the Parlour Old Fashion.  

You haven’t always been a Minnesota resident. Where did you grow up? Who was your college football team?!

I grew up right outside of Detroit Michigan where a majority of my family works at our family’s dealership.  I was the first from my dad’s side to not work in the automotive industry. From my mom’s side I was the first to move out of state after they relocated to Michigan from Hawaii.  Since graduating from Michigan State University (Go Green) I have moved to New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and now Minnesota. Even though I try to visit as much as possible, my family is hoping I pack my bags and move back home… but has been 9 years since I moved out of state and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

My favorite college football team has to be my alma mater MSU Spartans.  Since I no longer live in Michigan I try to get to at least one game a year checking out other BIG 10 or college campuses.

Do you have any secret hidden talents? Quirky superhuman tricks?

I don’t know if this is a superhuman trick or maybe an ability? I used to be able to run very fast until I hurt my knee playing hockey (I still run fast which is why I love short sprints in class).  In HS I used to run sprints on our treadmills and have broken 2 of the motors. My speed also came in handy when I lived in Spain where I chased down a man who stole a purse from a group in front of me. I tackled him and held him down until the authorities could arrest the purse snatcher.

Tell us your most irrational fear.

An irrational fear that I have is the fear of leaving things unlocked when I head out of town whether that is the front door, garage, or the car.  One time I even called the non emergency police number to have them do a drive by of my place to confirm I shut my garage… rest assured it was shut.

You just found out you are going to be on the first trip to Mars. You can bring 2 people with you and one CD.  You be will away for 2 full years. Who do you take? What CD?

1st I’d have to bring my Aunt Angie with me as I don’t think I could live for 2 years without her home cooked 100% authentic Italian meals.  Then since I would be carbo loading every night off of pasta, meat and cheeses (and a lot of wine) I would have to bring a FFR coach with me to make sure we are working off all of those meals to stay in somewhat of shape before heading back to Earth 2 years later.

The CD I would bring would be Jock Jams Volume 1.  You know it’s a banger CD when its starts off with, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! And also has, Whoomp There It Is, and the Tootsee Roll on it!

Pick one:

Chocolate or vanilla: Since I will be working for the largest chocolate manufacturer in the US, I think I have to choose chocolate!

Wheat or white: Wheat

Kale or spinach: Spinach, if it good enough for Popeye, it is good enough for me.

Netflix or hulu: Netflix, so many great options from Stranger Things, Master of None, Narcos, or House of Cards.

Apple or microsoft: Apple

Fall or spring: Spring, typically only last a week in Minnesota, but that means summer is right around the corner!

Sea or sky: Sea, hopefully I am in a warm climate, with a beach nearby

Sweet or salty: Salty

Music or podcast: Music