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Fly Feature: Casidy A.

Fly Feet Casidy

One of our favorite flyers, Casidy captured her Fly Feet journey and her approach to living a healthy life.  Two words:  Inspiration.  Overload.

I used to be a competitive athlete - a background similar to a lot of us:  high school track, cross country, x-c skiing.  I continued this in college for a bit, and competed off and on in other things - tried a biathlon once (shoot and ski), and competed in obstacle course events.  At some point life derailed my fitness routine - something I thought would never happen to me - and just a couple of years ago found myself in probably the worst shape of my life.  I wanted change, and recognized the need for change, but it's hard to get motivated when you don't feel good about yourself!  


Around that same time I read somewhere that the best way to change habits is not to deprive yourself, or focus on eliminating the bad habits, but to focus on ADDING good stuff to your routine, and eventually the good stuff will push out the bad.  Something about this philosophy resonated with me, so I started doing it.  I started adding more green foods, started moving more, took the stairs instead of the elevator, even signed up for my first triathlon.  This past June, at a triathlon, a fellow competitor (Moira Lennox!) told me about FFR.  I was looking to improve my run in the tri, and heck FFR was just a few blocks from where I work, so I bought my 3 for $30 starter pack.  And then I immediately bought a pack of 20 classes.  And before those ran out I signed up for the membership.  I was hooked.  FFR was like no workout I could achieve on my own, and like no other I was getting at the gym or other fitness classes.  And the sense of community felt like something really special.  


It was clear from my very first hour at FFR that the studio could not only help me improve in areas I knew I needed to, but enlighten me to areas I didn't even know I was needing improvement on too (ummm ... thanks?!).  But something about this place makes it a safe place to be vulnerable.  You're surrounded by community who are all there for similar reasons but with different goals, all different fitness levels, and the coaches make every single person feel equally important.  That's magic!


My goal at FFR from the very beginning has been simple:  just show up.  Kind of like putting more greens on my plate, my goal was to just add this workout to my routine, and see what happens.  I didn't keep track of anything specific in the beginning.  Didn't have any specific pace or pull-up or burpee (UGH!) goals.  But after 6 months of just showing up, there has been definite improvement!  I've gone from TRX- to Black Band- to now Green Band pull ups ... I've gone from not being able to run at a certain pace for 4 minutes, to being able to run that same pace, even faster, for multiple sets of 4 minutes ... I've taken 6 minutes off of my 5K ... I'm healthier and happier.  


I read somewhere recently, "It's a slow process.  Be patient; and remember, quitting does not speed it up."  Showing up really is most of the battle.  If we show up, we make progress.  If we don't show up, we won't.   Kudos to everyone at FFR who shows up!  See y'all in the studio!


All Hail the TreadMighty,


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