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The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started

Fly Feet Running - Wayzata Studio

Getting started is hard.  One of the biggest mistakes we make in trying to get back into it is the mindset that we need to make life-changing, wholesale changes to make a difference. It's simply not true.  Even if your diet and fitness habits are non-existent, you can begin to make small changes which can snowball in to big results.  

Mini goals are easy and achievable.  Want to cut down on your sugar intake?  Switch your green tea latte order from Starbucks (32g of sugar!!) to just plain old green tea (zero grams of sugar).  One change.  Big impact over time.  But I have to say, that wasn't easy.  I looked forward to that post lunch treat.  I didn't have it every day, but still...  It was a habit I needed to break.  I was successful, but I couldn't have done it if I had 5 other things I was also trying to eliminate or change.  

Same is true with your fitness routine.  Some of us just need to show up.  Others need to get the courage to try something we're not sure we can do.  But, all of us have to be chasing something.  Pick one thing.  

Our focus in February is to show up.  Have a friend that could use a little nudge?  Have them try Fly 101.  If they're nervous, "not a runner", can't remember the last time they worked out, whatever, this is their onramp back into fitness.  It's three weeks long with the same community the whole way through.  It's an intimate group so they'll get all of the support and help they need to be successful.  $99 and 25% off if they sign up with a buddy!

All of the deets are here.  Questions?  Hit us up:  lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com

All Hail the TreadMighty,