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Flip the Script on your Race Training

Congrats to all of the runners this weekend at Grandma’s Marathon!  Such an incredible race.  I ran Grandma’s Half Marathon 10 weeks after Sydney (who is now 7!) was born.  I remember during my training thinking that after having kids, I’d never be as fast as I was in my 20’s.  And, I definitely thought that another Boston was out of the question.

But, if you know me, you know that I love a challenge.  So, after Austin was born (our third and final Shane baby!), I set out to run Twin Cities and qualify for Boston.  I knew that my training needed to be different.  Logging more miles didn’t seem to be making me any faster or more efficient, and I had this nagging hamstring injury that wouldn’t go away.  So instead, I spent the summer doing high intensity strength work, and intervals.  There is this hill in a park by our house and Tuesday and Thursday mornings I would sprint up and down that freaking hill like it was my job.  20 rounds.  Then I would lay in the grass starring at the sky.  (I stopped doing that though when a lady walking her dog one day started screaming at me if I was ok.  #awkward)  I ran about half the miles I normally would to train for a marathon that summer.  

I felt great and injury free, but I was more nervous than usual on race day wondering if my new plan would work…  I ran Twin Cities in 3:38 and qualified to run Boston, which I ran last year.  I’m just as fast as I was in my 20’s now at the ripe old age of 41, and I’m sure my 5K time is faster now.   All thanks to the Treadmighty philosophy of Fly Feet. 

If you’re training for a race this summer, flip the script. Try inserting 2-3 high intensity interval training sessions a week (like Tread and Shred!) and reduce your mileage.  You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes! 

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