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21 Reasons to do the Fly Feet 21 Day Challenge

Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

I can’t do diets, programs or fads.  In my 20’s, I tried everything.  Beet Diet?  Tried it.  Juice cleanse?  Yup.  Cabbage soup diet?  OMG can’t talk about it.  Atkins?  I love Jennifer.  The list goes on.  I just don’t have it in me anymore.  Mostly because they don’t work, (although admittedly I usually did these with a friend and it was kind of fun) but also because I could never bridge the gap between being on “le plan” to real life.  Any gains I made were quickly negated when I settled back into real life.  So instead, I focused on slowly changing the way I lived my real life.  So much easier.  So much more sustainable.  Such better results. 

That is the premise around our 21 Day Challenge.  It’s not a diet, a fad, a plan. Instead, we’re asking you to live EXTREMELY HEALTHY for 21 days, (which is how our friend Aaron lives 365).   It’s designed to do two things:

  1. Teach you how to live like a health zealot.  You’ll learn all about how your body works - not only because Aaron will drop some serious knowledge during the kickoff, but also because you’re conducting a personal experiment on yourself for 21 days.  You’ll see it for yourself.  You’ll learn so much about how your body works and easy tips to implement to keep the goodness going.  (Liiiike …..  Did you know the health of your gut drives your cravings?  And you can proactively manage that?)
  2. See how small lifestyle changes have big impacts on YOU.  You’ll be eating, sleeping, training and recovering a bit different than you normally do and you’ll see first hand how your body reacts in just a short period of time.  It will happen.  You’ll be able to implement many things you learn immediately, and some things will take more time.  That’s ok – we’re all a work in progress.


So, give us 21 days, and we’ll give you the tools to get in the best shape of your life.

2017 is going to be big.  And you will be ready.  Any questions – email us at lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com Lets. Do. This.

Our team came up with our list of 21 reasons to give us 21 days.  Here they are:

  1. When we say fitter, faster, stronger, we mean it.
  2. We’re not going to leave you hanging after 21 days.
  3. Where else do you want to be in the dead cold of January?
  4. Take on the Treadmighty challenge.
  5. Healthy nutrition made easy.  We’ve done all the work for you.
  6. Winning and prizes and competition, oh my!
  7. Join the community that has one common goal - a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Because we LOVE you.
  9. SO. MUCH. KNOWLEDGE. tailored to you!  Workshops, knowledge drops, gait analysis, recipes, etc.
  10. Learn to work like a lion and rest like a lamb.
  11. Spring Break isn’t that far away.  (bikini season)
  12. Because it’s time to deliver on those New Years Resolutions
  13. Because why the hell not?
  14. Kick off 2017 with a healthy start.
  15. Find your edge and swan dive over it.
  16. Those 5 lbs.
  17. Grain free granola is life changing.
  18. Learn about the health of your gut and how it drives the food you crave.  (what?)
  19. Gait analysis.
  20. No more muffin tops.
  21. Offset the last 21 days.
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