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FF21DC: Get in the best shape of your life.

Fly Feet Community

If you're like me, you're addicted to the big ol' endorphin party that ensues under the green lights.  The music, the coaches, the community.  It's a visceral experience.  We work hard and earn it most days.  But life is hectic and trying to nail the rest of the stuff that I'm supposed to be doing to be my best self is sometimes difficult and loses out to running to kid's activities, work, and frankly just not being organized to make my grocery list.  There are nights where I find myself standing in front of the fridge for dinner starving, eating a handful of nuts wondering how this is gonna go down.  That's a bad deal....

I love our challenges because they give me the opportunity to snap it back into place in all of the other areas of my life - especially nutrition.  Surrounded by the most amazing people supporting me along the way, I cook healthy food, try new recipes, am inspired by other's amazing Insta snaps of their meals, and I experiment with eliminating sugar, grains, dairy (that was a game changer!).  I think differently about carbs.  I read labels.  I eat so clean.  And I ALWAYS learn something new about myself and tricks to maintain a healthy way of eating.  This isn't a diet - it's a sustainable way of eating.   And the Fly Feet nutrition guide is always filled with the most amazing recipes.  Our resident foodie, Justin put this year's together and it's for sure the best yet!  

Sign up for the challenge and let's get in the best shape of our lives!  Questions?  Hit us up:  lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com

All Hail the Treadmighty,