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Challenge Chat: Prep, Prep, Go


Challenge Chat: Prep, Prep, Go.

Challenge season is our favorite time of year because it gives us a chance to come together as a true team and community. Everyone is reaching toward similar goals, with the ultimate being the principle of getting better in some way, shape, or form. In regards to our training we are all working through a similar regimen that goes a little something like this: prep, prep, go. Whether or not you are participating in the Challenge these tidbits will help you learn how to manage the way we train at Fly Feet.

Prep Days

There are two prep days that are designed to help you have a better understanding of where you are at and what kind of efforts are about to go down on Game Day. These training sessions will have a greater emphasis on prep through a prolonged warmup. As you all know an effective warmup should get you moving, sweating, and out of breath. It should also teach you something and help you improve on the particular skill, movement, or speed we are going to dial into on Game Day. These prep days are meant to make you move and challenge yourself, but you should work with the intention of saving a little something extra for Game Day. Those are the days where we set the bar high for ourselves. 

If you are not participating in the challenge use a prep day in the exact same way! Learn something, figure out what weights truly challenge you, and what kind of speeds you are ready to test. The workouts will be slightly shorter since there is more emphasis on prep so don’t be afraid to give it your all when the coach says go!

Game Days

These days are exactly as they sound. You should walk into the studio and have a fairly good idea of what kind of weights you’ll be using and/or speeds you will be testing. These are the days designed to get us to our edge if we are truly willing to go there. You have the physical preparation from the prep days now the only piece left is entering the session mentally prepared to do something you’re not sure you can do. The coaches and community in the studio will be with you every step of the way! Game Days are spread out so that you can be physically and mentally ready to go all out.

Recovery Days

All individuals are picking recovery days based on what their bodies (or busy life schedules) need. We are asking that you come 10 days because we know how important it is to recover after the work we do in the studio!!! Remember, this is true when we are outside the realm of a challenge too. You can recover on your own, which should still include some kind of movement! Maybe take a nice walk while the weather is still pleasant. Whatever you do, make sure it is low in intensity. You can also recover in the studio, but make sure you communicate with your coaches on what this should look like! 

To top off the two weeks of going all in we end the biggest, baddest bang of them all… TreadMighty!!! The perfect benchmark to see what kind of progress you’ve made toward your goals. We can’t wait for what lies ahead with this beyond stellar community!