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Fall Fit Challenge

Our Fall Challenge takes off this Saturday and we wanted to give you more details into the training aspect. If you’re a member, signing up for the challenge is Free, just let us know you want in!

Fall Training Overview

We will be following the style of an athlete's in-season training program. Now, that doesn't mean 100% intensity every single day. Athletes cannot and do not go hard every single day. They need periods where they can recover and times when they can refine skills and strategies to prepare for game day. So what you will see throughout the two weeks of the challenge is a good mix of Recovery Days, Prep Days and Game Days.

Prep Days:

Each sequence of prep days will be focused on developing a certain skill that we will use and test on Game Day. Prep days are still days to work hard, but more with the intent of working with a specific goal in mind. They are days to focus, learn, and prepare.

Game Days:

This is where we will utilize what we have developed in prep days. Game days are all about expressing our potential. We are searching for something just beyond what we are capable of. This is the day to go for it, bring some intensity, and push past perceived limits. Hint hint, we have something special in store for you on the final Game Day.

  • Game Day #1 - Movement proficiency, expressing potential through good mechanics
    Ability to perform and to produce force relies heavily upon proper mechanics, whether that be running, lifting, or moving our body in space. For these prep days we will focus on building excellent movement patterns so that we can rely on these on game day. Specifically, we will focus on hinging and horizontal pressing. Even the best athletes need to take the time to return to the fundamentals.

  • Game Day #2 - How to approach a challenge
    How we approach challenge is equal parts physical and mental, and how we have prepared for a challenge is highly indicative of the end result. In this cycle of prep we will focusing on guiding you through mental strategies for game day, as well as educating on the importance of recovery and priming the body to perform.

  • Game Day #3 - Taking chances and learning from failure
    This cycle will be all about creating a safe space to take chances and learn from failure, specifically once we get to game day. The prep days here are important because they will serve as a low-stess environment to take a chance. We're talking about searching for limits and potentially trying a new speed or pickup up different weight. We will be there to help you reach for the appropriate intensity, and keep you honest to good mechanics

  • Game Day #4 - Putting it all together, expression of peak performance
    Cycle #4 is about putting together everything we have learned and sharpening skills for the culmination of the challenge, TREAD MIGHTY 3.0. You heard that right, Tread Mighty 3.0. It has been tested, it has been perfected, and it is ready for you. This will be your chance to have a blast and see what you are capable of.

Recovery Days:

Express, recover, adapt. This is our guiding principle. Recovery days are perhaps the most important part of this process and in order to make progress toward our individual goals we MUST recover. These workouts will still be structured similarly to a normal Tread and Shred class, but we will be speaking directly to working through them with intention and how you can apply that outside of the challenge. We will also take some time to talk about what recovery means outside of the studio.

So if you aren't signed up, join the party! It's going to be fun. It going to be a challenge. And we got your back every step of the way. See you in the studio!

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