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Failure is success in this room.

Flyzata's Coach Megan

Since Flyzata opened less than a month ago we have seen many bright, new faces. Their expressions have been across the board from excited to nervous to confident. Seeing the faces come out of the studio after the workout is my favorite part. You can see the accomplishment, grit, and disbelief of like “heck yeah I just did that!” Let me tell you about my first time.

My first workout at FlyFeet was a humbling one. I was invited by my friend who was a member, and who had raved for months about how great the workouts were. I knew they were challenging both physically and mentally so I was a little nervous. However, I was an experienced runner, felt I was in great shape and honestly thought I was going to crush it. Oh boy, I could not have been more wrong.

I started off hot... maybe a little too hot. I was toast after about ten minutes, with 20 minutes still left on the clock. I remember laying, yes laying, on the floor trying to complete max rep burpees. I was contemplating leaving because I was frustrated that I was failing at the workout. Then, the most amazing thing happened. One of the coaches, came down to my level (floor level) and said to me, “I've got you.” Never in any workout at any studio or gym I had been to, ever old me they had my back and was going to help me finish the workout. I did not crush the rest of the workout by any means, but I was able to dig a little deeper within myself to get me through to the end. Those last 20 minutes were a grind, but every time I was hanging onto the treadmill for dear life, that coach was right behind my tred, eyes locked on mine in the mirror, saying “I got you.”

Finally the workout ended. I'm not going to lie, I felt terrible. Not only because I was physically exhausted, but I felt that I had failed. I had to bring my speed down, and scale back the number of reps in the strength portion and that did not resonate well within myself. We were working through mobility as Coach Heidi was explaining the training philosophy at FlyFeet and she said, “failure is success in this room.” That caught my attention. How could failure be success? I sat thinking about it and realized I had not pushed myself to that level of exhaustion in a very long time. Also, not only had I reached that point of exhaustion, but I persevered to finish the workout. I started feeling better about what had just gone down in that studio.

I came back for my next workout with a new mindset and approach. I wasn't going to crush it, but I was going to manage it and be comfortable being uncomfortable. So, here are a few of my takeaways:


We got you.

Be open to feedback and being pushed to a new limit. You can always ask for help or scale back a movement and there will be a coach to help you get through.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Set your treadmill to a pace that you may not be sure you can hang onto the entirety of the class. Grab those dumbbells that you truly don't know if you could lift 15 times. Doing this will only make you better and grow in your journey with FlyFeet to achieve your next goal.


It's ok.

If you have to bring that speed down or have to take a second to catch your breath, it's ok. There are no judgements in the studio and that shows yourself that you got after it in the workout and took a chance to try something new.


There is no end to fitness.

It is one long journey of setting goals, achieving goals, and then looking ahead to the next one. We are ecstatic to be taking this journey with you. 


All Hail the TreadMighty,