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Expanding our skill set

fist bump

Monday through Friday this week we will work to expand our skill set. We know that we see more change and adaptation when we are constantly learning new things.  The best athletes are the ones that have an arsenal of skills they can pull from. Some of us are born to excel in any movement practice we desire, while some of us struggle with the basics. Good news! These basics are engrained in our DNA waiting to be unlocked. As humans we walked, ran, and threw in that order.  Those simple movements make up nearly all that we do in fitness.

A focus on new skills and practices is how we improve not only the new areas of movement, but the fundamentals as well. The human body is incredible, it adapts through the repetition of horrible habits, bad posture, and over training. Thankfully we also adapt through the introduction of new stimuli and ameliorated movement practice. Asking the body to try something new forces the brain to build new pathways. Quite literally, by trying new things we are creating an opportunity for enhanced mental capacity and physical health.   

It’s not always comfortable to explore new movement practice because for most of us, we struggle and that can be frustrating. Stay patient! Skill work is not easy, but I promise it has connections within everything we do. Keep this in mind; failure is probable but never permanent. This fight to succeed is everything! It is one of the defining characteristics of humankind. Never settle for what is, seek what could be as that is where success lies. While you put in hours of hard work to better yourself, we will be there every step of the way to offer a helping hand.  We all have our own journey, especially as it relates to fitness and athletics. Whether it’s your first push up with your elbows in, the first kettle bell clean that doesn’t slam on your wrist, the first time you touch on a speed you never imagined possible, the first time you correctly hinge and feel a KB swing in your glutes and hamstrings, or the first full pistol squat; it matters not what we achieve, simply that we sought achievement to begin with.


All Hail the TreadMighty,